Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Welcome to Virgo season

90 days have passed since the end of Taurus season. We've already zipped through Gemini, Cancer, and Leo. The Sun moved over to the constellation of Virgo about 2 hours ago... according to the Tropical zodiac... and from a Geo-centric point of view. We're back on earth turf again.

There's no place like like home. It's good to be here, but the older you get, the more chagrined you are to see another birthday rolling around. I guess I am the last guy who should be complaining about getting older. I just lost 120 pounds and reversed the clock 25 years. Arthritis pain doesn't bother me anymore. I am the dude 34 year old women mistakenly think they are going to cougar.

One of the sayings about Virgo is that we have the gift of eternal youth.

With the exception of the start of the school year, this has always been a good time for me. Sports Talk finally comes back to life with talk of football. We have had a few preseason games. Things are beginning to shape up for the new year. I get a new football season each year as my birthday present. The college kick-off weekend happens just about every year on my Birthday. Many an NFL season has started around September 2 also.

All I want this year is a new management position, and an end to the career dead end. Well... I want a lot more than that, but this is the single most important thing that has to happen this year.

I've usually not paid much attention to who was born around this time of year. I've accumulated a lot of anecdotal knowledge about who was born around my birthday, but I don't have a broad knowledge of just who is who among the Virgos. I'm going to track things pretty closely this year and give you a report.

The funny thing is that I noticed a lot of Virgo women on the list during a recent preview on imdb.com. I seem to like these girls more than I thought. I'm not the only one. You're going to be surprised by the list of Virgo men and women. A lot of your personal favorites are on this list. I'll bet you real money you like the people on this list more than I do.

Surprisingly enough, a bunch of the leading men from the chick-flicks are on this list. I was shocked to see the number of ROM-COM dudes on this list. I never thought of myself as ROM-COM leading man material. I am shocked that my bookish and nerdy brethren are. Gene Kelly, Sean Connery, Hugh Grant, Mark Harmon, Richard Gere, Keanu Reeves and Adam Sandler have all had their chick-flick moments. More than several, actually. Lately, James Marsden and Chris Pine have been moving in on this territory.

There are some serious heart-throbbers in our clan. I guess mother Virgo has some good looking sons.