Thursday, August 4, 2011


So I just stood on the bathroom scale a moment ago, and the digital read-out flashed 222.2. That is 222.2 English pounds. That's damn close to 100 metric kilograms, exactly.

What's the problem with that? Nearly two weeks ago, the Bod-Pod indicated that I weighed in at 221.2. We know the Bod Pod is 0.85 pounds lighter than the Tanita. Put that all together and it would appear that I have had two weeks with zero (0) progress. Not looking good.

Over and against this fact is the fact that all my clothing has loosened up tremendously in the past two weeks. Remember those 17 year old jeans from UCLA I told you about? The size 44x30 pants? I tried them on a few minutes ago, and I couldn't wear them in public. I would sag like a ghetto gansta-biache in those jeans. I am probably between size 40 and 38 right now.

I wore my throw-back Eric Dickerson jersey and blue shorts yesterday. The whole outfit was baggy. It wasn't baggy a mere two weeks ago. It was just about perfect two weeks ago.

I know that I know that I know, as sure as I am sitting here, that there has been a substantial contraction in my body volume this time around. I would be surprised if I measure in at anything above 92 liters tomorrow morning.

This may be the first-ever two-week cycle in which I make zero (0.0) progress on the weight front, but I doubt I have stood still. Most of these omens foreshadow a pretty sizable gain in lean weight, and a loss of fatty tissue. If I am extremely lucky, it will be a 7/7 situation. That is 7 pounds of lean gain, and 7 pounds of fat loss.

I know that sounds preposterous, but understand this: Muscle memory can raise your lean tissue weight in a snap, and I know my lean was higher than 145.2 pounds once upon a time. Further, 7 pounds of fat loss in two weeks is strictly average to below average for me.

Let's hope for the very best. I hope all the following happens tomorrow:
  1. I get a sudden drop in weight tomorrow morning
  2. My lean has increased 6 or 7 pounds
  3. My fat weight has decreased 7 to 8 pounds.
If so, it will be a happy day of great progress.