Friday, August 19, 2011

Bod Pod VIII: Victory spoiled

So today was Bod Pod VIII day. Just what were the results?
  • My body weight went down from 220.348 to 209.34.
  • This is a loss of 11.008 pounds
  • 8.452 of those lost pounds were fat
  • 2.556 of those pounds were lean tissue.
  • My fat weight dropped from 70.865 to 62.414 pounds.
  • My body fat ratio dropped 2.4%
  • My official BFP is now 29.8%
  • I am now over 70% lean.
  • My body volume dropped from 97.356 liters to 92.042 liters
  • This is a loss of 5.314 liters of body volume
  • For what it is worth, my BMI is now between 29 and 30. Few medical professionals take BMI seriously.
There are reasons to be excited, there are reasons to be disappointed
  • I was hoping to go inside 60 pounds of fat.
  • I was hoping to go inside 28% BFP
  • My BFP dropped 2.4%, which is 0.4% more than we would expect under the benchmark average.
  • I lost 1.452 pounds more fat than we would expect under the benchmark average
  • This came at a high trade-off, as I lost 2.556 pounds lean more than I should not have lost
  • I also failed to gain new lean, increasing the negative.
  • The net difference in terms of body fat percentage is negligible. If I had simply kept my lean and been 2.556 pounds heavier, my BFP would be only 0.34% lower.
As always, I was hoping for better. To make it short and sweet, it was an exciting week of rapid loss, spoiled at the very last minute by lean weight loss instead of lean gain.

The next Bod Pod will be on my 45th Birthday. Yep, that's right folks. We are officially 2 weeks away from the moment when Dave turns 45 years old. Shocking, isn't it? Where has that ocean of time gone? How have I dissolved half of 90 years already?