Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Dumping Effect

For those who have Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery, the dumping effect is probably single most fearsome side-effect.

Just what is a dumping effect or dumping reaction? A dumping effect/reaction occurs when you pocket stomach releases carbohydrate--most often refined carbohydrates--into the lower intestine too quickly. Remember, the first three feet of your upper intestine are gone. The carbos go straight into the lower intestine.

Biologists don't understand why, but for some reason, this wreaks havoc on your metabolism. You begin to sweat profusely. Your sweat has a strange and abnormal stench to it. The smell is disturbing. You get cold chills. Your body can't heat itself. You may feel cramps in various and sundry places. You heart races. You get nauseated. You feel gas pressure in your gut. You want to throw up, but you can't. You just gag. Perhaps you will burp a few times, if you are lucky.

I am told it feels like you are having a heart attack. The symptoms are said to be similar. I wouldn't know. I have never had a heart attack. I don't plan to have one either. Given my level of fitness, I doubt I will.

When the whole thing is over, you feel like you have been through the ringer.

Believe it or not, forcing yourself onto the exercise bike will make you feel much better. Elevated blood sugar is one of the several reasons for this reaction. Reducing your blood sugar by burning it helps you to recover quite considerably.

Based on what I have been told, the dumping effect only occurs during a relatively brief period of time between 5 and 12 months after the surgery. My first dumping effect occurred earlier than that.

I had a minor dumping effect last night, which was very strange. I just had my last one this morning. It was pretty fucking awful. One of the worst yet. It lasted more than 2 hours.

Let me tell you about two things that will cause a dumping effect; things you will probably never hear about anywhere else. To the best of my knowledge these two substances appear on no Gastric Bypass post anywhere.
  1. Liquid or foaming Dawn dish washing detergent
  2. USPlabs Jack3d (Pre-Exercise CNS-Carnosine-ATP Augmentor)
I happen to rely on both these substances quite a bit. Dawn is my detergent of choice for all my dish washing needs. Jack3d is my most preferred pre-workout drink. Still, you have to be careful in how you use them. Let me tell you about it.

This morning, when I began prepping my breakfast protein drink, I realized that I hadn't run a load of dishes in a few days. I don't have many dishes to do, so this isn't unusual. Unfortunately, I didn't have any clean Magic Bullet mixing cups left in the cupboard.

I decided to do a quick rinse job on one of the dirty mixing cups. This involves a little water, a squirt of liquid dawn, and a little time on the bullet blender. This should disinfect the cup.

Unfortunately, I was not as diligent in rinsing the cup clean as I should have been. I should have rinsed it several times, and wiped it down with a paper towel. Trances of the detergent remained in the cup, and gave my protein a funny taste. No matter, I thought. Liquid Dawn is a inert and non-toxic. I should be fine.

Less than 10 minutes later, all manner of unpleasantness ensued. This was the second worst dumping event ever. It was pretty terrible.

Never has a protein drink invoked a dumping reaction. I've been living on Muscle Milk for 6 months now, and it has never given me a problem before this event. It had to have been the traces of soap that upset my delicate digestive system.

The moral of the story is simple: Use the dishwasher. If you wash manually, rinse very clean. Any traces of soap will upset you something terrible.

USPlabs Jack3d is one of the best workout energizers available on the market today. It works so well that the FDA is considering taking it away from us. The fucking bastards... If you ask people around your gym or vitamin shop for advise on a pre-workout drink mix, Jack3d is sure to get a lot of favorable reviews.

There's just one problem: By design it is meant to clear the stomach and dump into the intestines quickly. This is not a problem if you drink it by itself, as it is meant to be used. Mix it with a protein drink or some source of carbohydrate, and you will get an instant dumping reaction. It's a ferocious dumping reaction as well. Worse, if you should drink Jack3d too close to a meal, you could trigger a dumping reaction of sorts.

My first, and the worst ever, dumping effect was created in this manner. I was using the Watermelon flavored Jack3d at the time. This is a particularly offensive and unpleasant flavor for me. I tried to sweeten it and add some carbos by putting a teaspoon of vanilla sugar in the mix.

This was a serious mistake. Within moments of drinking the compound, I felt like I had been poisoned. I swear I must have sweat off 2 liters of fluid in the following hour. I couldn't stop shivering and groaning. My heart pounded away the whole time. That was agony. It ruined the whole day.

Use it, but not with any source of carbohydrate.