Saturday, August 13, 2011

Looking forward to Bod Pod VIII

I weighed in at 215.0 this morning on the Tanita scale, and Bod-Pod VIII happens in just 6 days. Just what can I expect? Well, let’s lay out what we know:

  • I would weigh in at 214.15 on the Bod Pod this morning.
  • This indicates that I have lost 6.148 pounds of gross tonnage in the past week.
  • I have been losing weight at an average of approximately 0.5 pounds per day since this process began.
  • This almost exactly in-line with the doctrine Dr. Quilici’s people have quoted for me.
  • We have 6 days to go.
  • Ergo, it is theoretically possible for me to lose another 3 pounds of fat during this time.
  • I just broke through my last set-point, and my progress is bursting.
  • According to the hypothetical projections I made in June, I am something like 7-9 pounds behind schedule, despite my burst of progress.

These facts leave me with a pair of monumental questions to answer. These questions have to be answered if I am to accurately predict where I will be on Friday

  • Will current burst of progress produce a full catch-up effect? Will I get back on schedule because of this present burst?
  • Even if the present free-fall catches me up, will this burst complete my catch-up by Friday? What if it finishes on the Monday after Bod Pod VIII?

If I were to lay-down a set of reasonable predictions, they would look like the following:

  • I will lose 3 more pounds of gross tonnage
  • I will add 2 pounds of lean weight to my frame
  • My total fat loss will be 6.148 + 3 + 2 = 11.148
  • My total weight will be 211.199 pounds
  • My total lean weight will be 151.482 (149.482 + 2.0 = 151.482)
  • My total fat weight will be 59.717 pounds.
  • My lean/fat ratio will be 71.725% / 28.275%
  • My body volume will decrease by 5.776 liters (11.148 / 1.93 = 5.776)
  • My total body volume will be 91.58 liters
  • This will leave me 10 pounds behind schedule

These are ambitious figures, but I think the present burst out of my last set-point justifies these predictions. Now, lean weight will play a major factor here. A drop in lean weight, or big gain in lean weight, will change these numbers significantly. As always, I have to watch my lean and maintain my lean carefully. I need to ensure my protein intake is sufficient in this coming week.

One very interesting point to make special note of: When I began testing, my body volume was 117.111 liters. If I hit my targets, my body volume will be 91.58 liters. This will mean that I will have lost some 25.531 liters of body volume since April 13, 2011. That’s a 21.8% reduction in body volume in a little more than 3 months. I will be something like 78% of my former size, and will have lost more than a fifth of my volume in just that time.

Think about 13 of those 2 liters of Pepsi you like to buy for game day. Imagine me walking around with 13 of those bottles attached to my body. Now imagine all of those bottles disappearing. That’s a stunning thought, isn’t it?

Of course, this pales in comparison to the 115.8 pound and (estimated) 60 liter drop in volume I have already experienced.