Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Well, I think we can say that I have officially broken through to the other side of the set-point. Just a few moments ago, I weighed in at 216.2. This means the Bod-Pod would have me at 215.35 this morning.

I should not have been able to shed 1.2 pounds in a mere 24 hours. You know and I know it doesn't happen that fast. I didn't even do a sauna last night, or get a shiatsu massage. There were no particular triggers for this sudden drop. It just happened.

The indication is that something had been going on under the hood all last week, something my system set-point was railing against. When the set-point collapses, and the system capitulates to the new reality, pounds fall off in bunches.

I have officially arrived at mesomorphic appearance levels... I think...

Not much time for considerations of what that means this morning. I need to workout.