Saturday, November 29, 2008

So who am I?

David is a single 42 year old male, heterosexual, Senior .NET Developer with Informa Research Services. He was born in Fresno CA in September of 1966 to an Ecuadorian father and Blue-Blood WASP mother. He has a sister, a brother, two half-sisters, 3 American cousins, and 27 Ecuadorian cousins.

Although David is half South American, he doesn't look much like it. Since he was raised by a WASPy mom, grandmother and aunt, he basically doesn't act like it either. He is usually classified as a White Boy where ever he goes. His own Ecuadorian cousins regard him as a Gringo. David is basically monolingual in English, although he speaks enough Spanish to get punched in the nose... if he tries real hard.

Although he was raised Catholic and later became a Pentecostal of his own accord, he exited the religious life somewhere around age 37. He cannot be described as a member or believer of any religion at this point.

David is conservative politically, and was once a devoute member of the Republican party. After NeoCon take-over of 2000, and the many disasters of the Bush-II Administration, he no longer fellows with the Republicans. David openly wonders whether the GOP is finished, and a new conservative party many be necessary to eliminate the corruption of the NeoCons.

David is known as a real smart ass. Although David has never seen the paperwork to back this story up, rumors circulating inside the family suggest that his Grandmother had his IQ tested CSU Fresno when he was a young boy of 6 years old. He purportedly scored in the 160s. Ironically, Grandma had him tested because he wasn't doing well in school. According to the story, Dave's Grandmother expressed her surprised there wasn't anything wrong with him. The IQ tester declared that David's teachers were boring him to death. So it was throughout his entire achademic career... until he reached UCLA.

David graduated Magna Cum Loud in Anthropology from UCLA with departmental honors and election to the Golden Key Honor Society. He wanted to go on for a Ph.D. in Anthropology at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor, but Michigan did not accept him, and he wouldn't go anywhere else. Prior to graduating from college, David served 2 years in the U.S. Army as an enlisted man stationed in Germany. He was a 31V10, or Unit Level Communications Systems Maintainer.

With the completely wrong degree, David found little trouble entering the field of programming in the mid-1990s. In part, this was true because it was a time of unprecedented demand. The growth of the Internet and the demand for programmers to deal with the Y2K problems created a permanent shortage of decent programming talent. Anyone who could was acceptable. Since David could, he was given entry.

David worked as a consultant through most of his career, mostly in Southern California region, but this began to change with the Great Depression of 2002. Consulting work became more difficult to come by, and David was forced to take a few perm jobs. He currently resides in Canoga Park California and comutes 9 miles to work each day in Calabasas. He is engaged in a wide range of .NET programming styles at Informa, including ASP.NET, MVC, WinForms, WCF, and console applications.

Onward and Forward to Battle

This is my first ever blog entry. I intend to cover the things that interest me, as all bloggers do. This would include diverse subjects such as software development, computer hardware, home theater entertainment, Heavy Metal, 3d animation and special effects, market economics, alternate energy, and even... God forbid... that dirty subject known as politics. Along the way, I may toss in a few movie reviews, album reviews {Heavy Metal only} and plenty of derisive commentary about the news media, whom I hate with a passion.