Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A few bits of NFL News

RIP Bubba Smith

Bubba Smith finished his football career in the era before I was old enough to watch the game. Like so many Americas, I saw him scores of times in movies and television. He was a dear character actor in Hollywood.

As you all know, Bubba was found dead at the age of 66 today in his Hollywood home. The circumstances were not suspicious, and it is believed he passed away from natural causes. We are awaiting official confirmation of these preliminary conclusions, but the outcome looks certain. Rest in peace Bubba. We will all be joining you sooner or later.
Marc Bulger retires
As you all know, I was a Marc Bulger advocate and defender during the 2010 draft cycle when the Rams were preparing to replace him. I always said the Rams destroyed Marc Bulger, not Bulger the Rams. If I said it once, I said it a hundred times.

Marc surprised everyone in the football world today--except perhaps his friend Kurt Warner--by abruptly retiring. Marc's name was one of the hot ones on the NFL Network during the long hot lockout summer. The consensus on the NFL Network was that he would probably be a starting QB again in 2011.

I had hoped that these voices were correct, but I also knew the magnitude of the beating Bulger took in St. Louis behind that wretched OL we had. I was a little doubtful he could heal up as Jim Plunkett once did. As you know, remnants of that offensive line still remained at the start of 2010, and they were the chief reasons I didn't want to take Sam Bradford in the 2010 draft.

Although no one has said so, I suspect the magnitude of those injuries are greater than any of us thought. How else do you explain the lack of interesting signing him after each of his couple stops?

Kurt Warner gave us one tiny nugget during this summer suggesting that Marc might be better off stepping away from the field, using his time to tend to family and his charity foundation. This was only signal we got that Marc might be considering retirement.

We're not happy to see you go, brother, but enjoy your retirement.
The Rams Sign Cadillac Williams
I would like to welcome Cadillac to the Rams, but I want to caution all of you out there who think this is a big acquisition. Cadillac Williams is a 29 year old running back with a ton of millage on him who was replaced by an undrafted rookie free agent last season in Tampa. He is more than 1 full-year older than Steven Jackson, and he has suffered much worse injuries during his career. When I first heard the news, my first question was "Will he make the team?"

Don't expect Williams to change the fortunes of our organization.