Sunday, August 14, 2011

A little diddy about Pluto in the First House

I am a Virgo born at 6:05 AM in the year 1966. My Ascendant, not just my Sun, is in Virgo. Pluto just happened to be in Virgo at that time. Of course, this means Pluto is in my first house. That ain't all. Mercury, Vesta and Uranus are all in Virgo also. All of them are in first house, except Mercury, which is sitting on the very edge of the 12th house.

So I am a hyper-Virgo. I had heard some interesting things about Pluto in the first house, but these little items didn't pique my interest enough to cause me to study the subject. Well that changed a couple of days ago.

Just to provide you with the key points:
  • Pluto is a dark and powerful planet. It is associated with power, power struggles, issues of control.
  • The position of Pluto suggests where the native will experience upheavals resulting from power struggles.
  • Given this placement of Pluto, the native does not feel that the world is a safe place. We guard our privacy closely. People are viewed with suspicion. Nothing is taken for granted. Things, such as opening up to others, are seen as compromising survival issues.
  • Supposedly, Pluto in the first house causes the native to radiate intensity. Ostensibly, we have an intense gaze, and a powerful persona. This intensity causes others' impressions of us to be very strong; both pro or con.
  • I take it with a grain of salt, but we are supposed to be unusually charismatic. We are profoundly influenced by powerful and charismatic figures who we model ourselves after.
  • We are obsessive and passionate, throwing ourselves wholeheartedly into what ever our interest of the moment happens to be. We go deeply into subjects, which makes us good researchers.
  • We tend to go to extremes; extremes that make more moderate and modest souls uneasy.
  • The right and moral use of power is an issue for individuals with Pluto in the first house. However, Pluto is exalted in Virgo, and this is supposed to denote a righteous use of power.
  • Because my Sun and Pluto are conjuncted, I supposedly have tremendous potential for good or for evil, depending on the route I run down the field.
  • Supposedly, we have nearly unlimited will-power and inner strength.
  • Supposedly, this will power and inner strength is used to restructure the personality and generate a rebirth of raw potential over and over again through life.
All of this is interesting, but not intriguing enough to flip my on bit. Now for the really interesting part.

Individuals with Pluto in the first house can dramatically change life directions. This may be reflected in career changes, changes in personality, changes in clothing styles, hair styles, religion, sets of values, food tastes, personal relationships, etc. It is possible for individuals with Pluto in the first house to transform radically several times within a single life, so much so that they become unrecognizable to those who knew them at earlier stages.

The Vedic Astrologers say that these individuals live several different lifetimes within a single incarnation. Wholesale change that would only be possible through death and rebirth for other souls is possible without death and rebirth for these individuals.

Liz Greene says you may meet such an individual on one pathway in life, and be completely convinced that this is a perfect specimen of personality X. You may be convinced of that for as long as 10 or 20 years. Then something happens, not necessarily visible, and the individual abruptly changes and becomes something totally different. Call it personality type Z. The old identity disintegrates completely, and a new identity emerges from the ashes. The former life is gone forever, and a new one begins. This new life may go on for 5, 10 or 20 years before the next transformation occurs.

These were the statements that flipped my switch.

Is this true of me? I would have to say the answer is yes. Those who knew me in High School would never have recognized me in the Army. Those who knew me in the Army would never have recognized me when I was at UCLA. Those who knew me as a UCLA anthropologists were stunned when they discovered I became a highly-paid computer programmer and business consultant. Those who knew me as a successful Deacon in the Pentecostal Church would hardly recognize me now. Those who knew me as a business consultant were stunned (recently) to lean that I sat out the past 8 years as a work-a-day IT shop programmer.

I want it to be known that I only took these jobs over the past 8 years to get out of the economic storm conditions we have experienced during this time. The Economy has been in the shit-house ever since 9/11/2001, and you know it. I suffered the storm for more than a year, but had to get out of consulting rat-race to find some peace and stability.

Those who knew me over the past 12 years, and have seen my facebook page, say they can't believe it is me. Just today, I went to lunch with a family member, and he said "If I didn't know it was you, I would have never known it was you. I can hardly recognize you."

My mom is worried that I look gaunt, and suggest that I eat more. That is a first. She has never done that before, I assure you.

I may well be in the midst of my greatest transformation act of all time. The magnitude of this one may never be rivaled.

Those who saw me 6 months ago, at 330 pounds, limping around in constant pain, wearing a knee brace, sometimes using crutches, talking about a wheel chair, wouldn't recognize me now. They thought I was done for. They wouldn't believe this is the same dude 6 months later.

Just today, I went over to the 3 Day Suit Broker, scarcely a mile from my apartment. I picked up a pair of business suits that are now hanging in my closet... next to the football jerseys.

I did this on day when the ambient air temperature was no less than 106F degrees here in Woodland Hills. That kind of heat killed me last year. Now it is a trifling thing compared to the 180 degree sauna I have spent hours in over the past 6 months. I am scarcely bothered by the heat at all. I even bought a pair of suits in this weather, something you could not have tortured me into just 12 months ago.

I'll tell you what else... Tomorrow is a fancy pants day at work because some unknown dignitaries are coming to visit. I'm going to blow the joint out with one of my suits. I will prophesy to you and say that someone will have a heart attack when he or she sees me. They won't know what hit 'em.

If they ask me why I wore a suit, I'll tell them I'm interviewing, which is not precisely a lie.

Speaking as a dude with Pluto in his 1st House, it's time for this chapter of my life to end, and for me to become something else. The transformation is already deeply in progress. It is time for the old persona to disintegrate and a new one to rise from the ashes. It's time to do something new and completely different. I might as well become completely unrecognizable while I am at it.

I need to be moseying along. A change of pace is in order.