Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The intensification of Sam Bradford

Those who caught NFL Total Access on Monday know that they did a Rams-CAM interview with Sam Bradford. This was a different Sam Bradford than the one I saw last year.

Last year, Sam usually smiled for the camera, he came off mild-mannered, and a little happy. If you just received a $50 million dollar check, you would probably be pretty happy too.

This time, Sam bit his lip, frowned, and he looked a bit grim and intense. He even had a bit of anger about him. He tried to smile for the camera, but he seem more determined, grim and serious. You can see the video here. Maybe I am seeing things, but I think it is a pronounced change.

I've heard Sam say that he regrets not taking a more aggressive hand in leadership last season. He was just trying to manage his own transition to the NFL last year, and didn't speak up in key situations where he felt he should have. This year he plans to do things differently. So he says. I didn't say that, he did.

This is an interesting change. This is a much more Scorpio-like demeanor then what we saw last season. If he starts to play with a higher mental intensity and maybe a bit of anger... whew...

Troy Aikman was certainly intense on the field. He played angry. He played with passion. He shredded people when he wanted too. This is the competitive demeanor of a Scorpio.

I remember the day of 2008 when the Sooners shredded everyone except Texas and Florida. They annihilated the rest of their schedule by scoring 55-65 points a game. Sam was throwing the ball on almost every play in those days. He picked teams apart. They couldn't stop him. He pretty much took what he wanted, and nothing was enough. He was rapacious in those days.

If those days should happen to return in 2011... I know Sam wants the days of 2008 to return.