Friday, August 5, 2011

Bod Pod VII: The Return of the Lean

About 12 weeks ago I began Bod Pod testing for one reason: If you gain 1 pound of lean and lose 1 pound of fat, the scale will say you made Zero (0) progress. Today's Bod Pod was a good proof of this theory. As you well know from my prior posts, my weight increased this week after reaching a low point of approximately 217 pounds. I was bugging out last night when it reached 224.

Two weeks ago, I weighed in at 221.272. This morning, the Bod Pod measured me at 220.348. That's a paltry change of 0.924 pounds. Reason to scream bloody murder? Nope. Under the hood things were cooking. My fat weight dropped from 75.655 down to 70.865, a loss of 4.79 pounds. My lean weight spiked upward from 145.617 to 149.482, an increase of 3.865 pounds.

The net effect is that my body fat percentage dropped 2% (exactly). In terms of body volume, I lost less than one liter. I find this very strange. I was told lean muscle occupies 33% of the volume of fat, weight unit for weight unit. You can't prove that statement by me. The numbers don't add up.

I defied the laws of physical science again by adding lean and removing fat at the same time. My lean is now at the highest point since I began testing. I got my customary 2% change in body fat, but all scales would tell you I lost less than 1 pound of total weight. Without the Bod Pod, I would be a very upset gentileman today. With the Bod Pod test, I am mildly pleased.

Two weeks ago, I vowed I would tollerate no further losses of lean weight. Further, I vowed I would recover what I had lost. By God, I did it. I got it all back, and some. Further, I still managed to trim-off a healthy portion of fat at the same time. I have a cocky snicker on my face right now. I can call my shots and hit them.

On the dark side of the fence, I lost less than 7 pounds of fat. As you know, approximately 0.5 pounds of fat per day, or 3.5 pounds per week, or 7 pounds in two weeks, has been my average throughout this process. My fat loss was very slow during this past two week cycle. Furthermore, a continuation of the 1% per week rate of progress naturally means it will take me 15 weeks to complete the course. That takes me all the way out to November.

With that said, I would still be happy as hell with a repeat performance. If I dump another 4.79 pounds of fat and add another 3.86 pounds of lean in these next two weeks, I will be a happy camper.

Another interesting thing: My BMR is now projected at 1,899 kcal, down from 2,589 calculation I was given by Dr. Saedi at the beginning of the gastric bypass process. The reason is simple: It takes much more energy to haul 330 pounds around than 220. As you can see, my window for weight loss is shrinking. My margin for error has dropped some 700 kcal per day. This means it is going to get harder to lose, not easier. My shrinking BMR will eventually lead to a stabilization of my body weight.

Much worse is the fact that I am considerably behind my projections in terms of performance. I am now under-performing. My projections indicated that I should be at 210.138 today. Instead, I am at 220.348. This is a difference of 10.21 pounds. Now the good news is this: My projected lean weight was 147.95. Instead, my lean is 149.482. In terms of lean weight, I am ahead of schedule by 1.532 pounds. In fairness I can subtract the extra lean from the gap. Ultimately, this means I am packing 8.678 pounds of surplus fat I should have lost by now.

This is a bitch. I could have been 4.49 liters slimmer for my first visit to Club Minaj in Pasadena this weekend.

I shouldn't worry, though. Two weeks ago, I could say without boasting or fear of contradiction that I was the prettiest guy at Informa Research Services. Now I've gone way beyond that. When you see me naked, you will use profanity. That is how jealous you are going to be. I am far beyond hyper-sexy when I get buck naked now.

Starting weight := 330
Weight on surgery day := 309.4
Today's Weight := 220.348
Today's Lean Mass := 149.482
Total Fat Mass := 70.866
Fat Percentage Today := 32.16 %
Moderate Fat Percentage := 25.00 %
Moderate Body Weight := 199.309333333333
Healthy Fat Percentage := 20.00 %
Healthy Body Weight := 186.8525
Ideal Fat Percentage := 17.00 %
Ideal Body Weight := 180.098795180723
Ideal Fat Mass := 30.6167951807229
Distance from Ideal Weight := 40.2492048192771
Ideal Weight Date := 10/26/2011
Ideal Weight Date Revised := 10/24/2011

Days since Start := 196.436111111111
Days since surgery := 182.040277777778
30 Days Post-Surgery on := 3/6/2011
45 Days Post-Surgery on := 3/21/2011
60 Days Post-Surgery on := 4/5/2011
75 Days Post-Surgery on := 4/20/2011
90 Days Post-Surgery on := 5/5/2011

Total weight loss := 109.652
Weight loss since surgery := 89.052

Loss per day (overall) := 0.558206937511489
Loss Per day since surgery := 0.489188442728639

Mass reduction percentage := 33.23 %
Completion Percentage := 110.76 %
Pounds to Half Way Mark := Already Done
Days to halfway := Already Done
Half way point := Already Done
Projected Easter Weight := Done 268
Projected Easter Revised := Done 268
Projected Weight 5/5/2011 := Done 262.6
Revised projection 5/5/2011 := Done 262.6

Weight at 90% mass := 297
Weight at 80% mass := 263.4 on 5/3/2011
Weight at 70% mass := 231 achieved 7/7/2011
Weight at 60% mass := 198

Date for 90% mass := Already Done
Date for 80% mass := Done 5/3/2011
Date for 70% mass := Done 7/7/2011
Date for 60% mass := 9/19/2011 10:28:49 AM

Fat Percentage at 90% mass := 49.67 %
Fat Percentage at 80% mass := 43.38 %
Fat Percentage at 70% mass := 35.29 %
Fat Percentage at 60% mass := 24.50 %

Revised Date for 80% mass := Done 5/3/2011
Revised Date for 70% mass := Done 7/7/2011
Revised Date for 60% mass := 9/18/2011 10:28:49 AM
Distance from 60% mass := 22.348

Visit San Francisco Date := 6/11/2011
Days until San Francisco visit := Already done
San Francisco visit projected weight := Done= 245.338
San Francisco visit revised projected := Done= 245.338
Total loss before San Francisco visit := 84.662
Projected Body Fat Percentage := 40%

Penultimate Quilici appointment date := 3/28/2011
Days since penultimate appointment := 17.152
Penultimate weighin at Quilici's office := 281
Loss since penultimate appointment := 21

Most recent Quilici appointment date := 6/28/2011
Days since most recent appointment := 37.9366782407407
Penultimate weigh-in at Quilici's office := 237.5
Loss since penultimate appointment := 43.5 actually 47.5

Next Quilici Next appointment date := 9/29/2011
Days past surgery (appointment) := 237.104166666667
Projected appointment Weight := 193.411381943862