Monday, October 3, 2011

Bod Pod XI: Dr. Quilici will record it as 130 pounds in 8 months

So, my apologies for the delay on the Bod Pod report.  Bod Pod XI went down last Friday, September 30th.  The results were downright poor.

  1. My total body weight decreased from 196.731 to 193.284.  This is a paltry 3.447 pounds
  2. My fat weight declined from 48.964 pounds to 45.663 pounds.  This is a paltry 3.301 pounds
  3. My lean weight declined from 147.767 to 147.620 pounds.  This is a decline of 0.147 pounds.  This is the wrong direction.
  4. My body fat percentage declined from 24.9% to 23.6%.  This is a paltry 1.3% change in body composition.
  5. My body volume declined from about 85.61 liters to 83.886 liters.  This is a reduction of about 1.724 liters.

In summary, this about half the progress I expected to make during the 13 day period of Bod Pod XI.  I would have expected 6.5 pounds of fat loss, not 3,3.  I would have expected some positive lean gains, not a loss of any kind.  I expected something like a 3 liter reduction of body volume.  It just didn't happen.

So the next logical question is why?
  1. Exhaustion.  I was hitting the wall and fighting through fatigue at all points.  I went over my workout journal and I hit 20 days in a row without a single day off I nailed 2 and 3 workouts during that time.  Logically, this should result in massive losses.  It did, at first.  Then I wore down.  I was left bone weary and joint sore.
  2. Too many calories in the form of fruits, nuts, seeds, cheese and crackers.  I'm cutting back.
  3. Not enough weight training, not enough anabolism.
  4. My system is developing a tolerance for Jacked3d and OxyElite Pro.  These are no longer delivering a high-quality energy boost in the morning or before workouts.
Henceforth, I am announcing a fresh package of reforms.
  1. The ROM is taking center stage each morning.
  2. I am going to hire a personal trainer.  His mission, should he chose to accept it, is to get my body lean weight up to 160 pounds.  Whatever work is required, I am up for it. Dianabol is not off limits
  3. I am increasing my swim time to 40 minutes, and I will do this later at night to ensure the pool is cold.  I intend to intensify thermogenic stress on my system.
  4. I have switched to Hydroxycut powder and Jet Fuel tabs.  These are doing a nice job for me so far.
  5. I am seriously considering purchasing a Life Core Fitness rowing machine.  I have already tried it.  It is superior to the machines at the gym.  It might just be the crown jewel in my home collection.
The exhaustion was pretty thick on Friday, so I decided to travel home to Fresno and take 3 fulls days off from working out.  It was effective.  My joints and bones were all ready for combat today.  I sailed through the ROM workout, and I just thrashed 39 minutes of elliptical for 626 kcal.  That was some powerful exercise.

On a brighter note, I had my quarterly meeting with Team Quilici today, and they were thoroughly stunned by my progress.  The last time I appeared in their offices, I was 237.5 pounds.  Today (after three days of rest) I tipped the scales at 195.  This indicated 42.5 pound so progress in the past 90 days.  I showed them the Bod Pod paperwork, and they understood the figure is more like 45 pounds of fat loss.

Team Quilici only managed to weigh me in at 325, which was not my top figure, so today's weigh in will officially make it 130 pounds of weight loss in the 8 months after surgery.  You and I know that the figure is actually 135.  It's actually more like 138 if you count fat weight.  That is one big whopping number.  Most people can't lose 138 pounds if they need too, much less in just 8 months..