Saturday, October 22, 2011

2011 NFL Season Week 7 Picks

Oh, this is a dangerous week for game-chosers folks!  Shake out season begins this weekend.  It's the first day of Scorpio.  In stark contrast to last week, there are very few easy picks on the board in Week 7. There are a lot of tough and dangerous choices on the board this week. There is even a true pick'em situation, but I won't punt on it.

I had to put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into this one, and it probably won't stop me from going 9-4 again this week.  Scary choices, folks.

Consider the Broncos and Dolphins.  These are two lesser teams, with lesser talent pools.  The talent pool was further diminished this week when the Broncos gave the Rams a big gift in Brandon Lloyd.  This is hard game to pick objectively.  However, you know I have to go with my son, Tim Tebow.  I just can't pick against Tebow.  Further, I declared I would not pick the Dolphins again until Sparano convinced me that he has control of that locker room.  I am not convinced.

Consider the Texans and the Titans.  The Titans dropped a stinker against the Steelers, but they are better than that.  The Texans are minus Mario Williams and Andre Johnson.  I don't like the sound of that at all.  The Texans are minus their two best players, and the Titans are at home.  Scary choice folks, but I pick the Titans.

Consider the Redskins and Panthers.  The Panthers are 1-5, but Cam Newton has made them competitive in nearly every game.  The Redskins blew out all four tires last week against the Eagles.  They now have no left side of their offensive line, no tight end, and a change at QB.  I don't like the fact that DeAngelo Hall is injured in this game either.  I take the Panthers.

Consider the Seahawks and Browns.  On the surface, this doesn't look that difficult.  I think the Browns are a heck of a lot more talented than the Seahawks.  But those chickens of the sea... those little fuckers have a tendency to an upset here and there.  Further, their defense is hardening quite a bit.  I will take the Browns based on general superiority and home field, but I fear an upset here.

Consider the biggest pick'em of the day:  the Chiefs visit the Raiders at the black hole.  This is a maddening game for the fool who tries to get it right.  The Chiefs have been lousy, but they are playing a lot better now.  The Raiders have been good, but they just lost their starting QB.  Now it's Kyle Boller... or is it Carson Palmer... or is it Kyle Boller... or is it Carson Palmer... or is it Kyle Boller...  Ultimately, I should say pick'em, but I don't think it matters who starts at QB for the Raiders.  Neither guy is ready to roll in this situation.  The Chiefs are the riskiest pick of the day, but I am picking them.

There are other difficult choices, but I think this sample is enough