Thursday, October 13, 2011

2011 NFL Season Week 6 Predictions

This is very easy week folks.  There aren't many close match-ups.  Bet on all the home teams except the Giants and the Bucs.  The Bills will take the Giants and the Saints will take the Bucs.  Other than these two exceptions, the home-teams have very decisive edges in just about all of these games.

The closest match up and the most interesting game of the day will be found in Detroit.  The Lions vs. 49ers is the first really, truly interesting match up of the new season... at least since the Packers v Saints game that kicked things off.  I am going with the Lions, but this is going to be a very, very interesting game.

The second most interesting game is the Redskins v Eagles.  I believe the Redskins have a decisive edge in this game, but the Eagles will be desperate.  If the Redskins win this game, the Eagles' season is just about over.  They will be trailing the Reskins by 3.5 games with 10 to play.  I doubt they could ever make up the distance, even if they run the table.

The most disapointing match up of the day is the Texans @ Ravens.  This should have been a clash of elites, but the absence of Andre Johnson will cripple the Texans.  I don't see the Texans' offense having a good day, against the one and only elite-defense in the NFL, minus their very best player.

The biggest mis-match of the day is my own Rams visiting the Packers.  This is going to be catastrophe.  NBC Sports has already questioned whether this is a mis-match for the ages.  I believe it will be one of my worst days as a Ram-fan.  They could hang 60 points on us unless they show us mercy and play their scrubs in the second half.