Sunday, October 9, 2011

2011 NFL Season, Week 5 Picks

So I am very late in posting my game predictions this week.  It was a busy week, and quite frankly...  I was losing interest.  This is bye-week for my Rams, and my guys are out of the running already.  It kinda takes the heart out of a guy...  Especially when you were expecting a little bit better.

This week, I find myself in discord with the so-called experts.  I disagree with them on many picks.  I usually make my picks before they do, so I seldom ref what they are saying before making my picks.  When I looked at the ESPN crowd here, I was downright shocked by some of their picks.  "Why would you say that...?"

For instance:

  1. Why would you favor the Steelers over the Titans?  Because they are at home?  Because they are a super-elite team?  The Steelers can't protect their QB worth shit.  Big Ben is already ripped to shreds.  The Super Bowl looser's jinx be upon them.  I have lost too many games this year betting against the Titans. The Titans can protect their QB, and I think they are going to run like hell against the Steelers.
  2. Why favor the Texans over the Raiders in this game?  Because they are at home?  I don't believe the death of Al Davis will be a factor, but I do believe the loss of Andre Johnson will be a huge factor.  I don't think Matt is a good enough QB to survive the loss of the ultimate beat receiver in football.  Chris Mortensen sees this game coming down to a single field-goal.  If so, I bet on Sea-Bass.
  3. Why favor the Colts over the Chiefs?  Because they are at home?  They are win-less right now, and the Chiefs are starting to play better, actually winning one against the Vikings.  I can't bet on Curtis Painter.
  4. Why in the name of God would you favor the Vikings over the Cards?  Because they are at home?  Bloody hell... The Vikings are the most snake-bit team in league history, and this is their most snake-bit year.  I know the Cards are disappointing the hell out of their fans, but I firmly believe the Vikings will find a way to loose this football game, even if they get out to a giant lead.
  5. Why would you favor the 49ers over the Bucs?  Because they are at home?  The Bucs are a good team that are actually going places.  The 49ers are scheduled to resume life as a pumpkin soon.  I can see no reason to favor the 49ers in this game.
These are a few of the significant disagreements we have this week.