Saturday, October 8, 2011


The scale said 191.0 English pounds this morning.  This would be equal to 190.531 on the Bod Pod, due to the inaccuracy of my simple bathroom scale.

This indicates that I have lost 3.2 pounds in the past week.  Frankly, this is not precisely great progress.  3.5 is what we would normally expect.  Now, I did take three full days off.  That is significant.  Despite three full days of rest, I am only 0.3 pounds off the normal mark.  That is interesting.  We would predict 1.5 pounds based on three days of rest.

You can argue I am behind.  You can argue I am now running hot due to the recovery time.  The glass is half empty or half full.

One thing is for sure:  My workouts are going absolutely berserk now.  My next blog entry will be on the subject of USP Laboratory's wonderful product known as Pink Magic.  I think this product has everything to do with the surge of progress I made in this shortened work-week.