Thursday, October 6, 2011

2011 Week 4 Outcomes

Pardon my tardiness on this post, but the 0-4 hole my Rams have blundered into is really crushing my enthusiasm for the game.  I will blog on this subject soon.

Suffice it to say that something very strange happened in the Rams' 2010 draft:  I was actually wrong about something I was very certain of...  but that was only a temporary phenomenon.  I returned to form this year, and once again, I was correct in my assessment of Rams' 2011 draft.  Regrettably, it looks like I might have been right about about the 2010 draft also.

We just aren't drafting well.  We suck at all the offensive skill positions except QB.  We suck worst at WR, where we lead the league in dropped passes.  This is killing Sam Bradford.  The Jim Plunkett II story is back on schedule.  I point the finger squarely at Billy Devaney.  It's not coach Spags.  It's Devaney.

But I digress...

My record last week was 11-5.  It might have easily been 12-4 if I had just picked against my Rams, but I just couldn't bring myself to do that despite the fact that I knew the Redskins had to be favored.

There were some serious upsets on the board this week, and some near-things.

The Bills did precisely what the Ravens did against the Titans.  The Bills shot their wad against the Patriots and they came out flat as hell for the Bengal game.  They were expecting a walk-over gimme practice and they got whacked.

I don't know how the Titans defeated the Browns convincingly after loosing Kenny Britt.  I never saw that coming.  I am astounded.

I have no idea how the 49ers got the win over the Eagles.  I have no idea how the 49ers have gotten out to 3-1 start.  They are winning with smoke and mirrors.  I'm warning you:  they are tricking the league.  Don't be surprised when the clock strikes midnight and the 49ers turn into a pumpkin.

I am astounded that the Chiefs won a game... even over the Vikings.  There is no doubt the Vikings are the most snake-bit team in NFL history.