Saturday, October 22, 2011

Shake-out season is upon us

Last year I wrote a little diddy about Scorpio-time being the time of the great shake-out during football season.  Scorpio season is where we separate the pretenders from the contenders.  This is when we separate the prospects from the suspects.

Well folks, today is the very last day of Libra.  Tomorrow is the first day of Scorpio.  I just heard the term shake-out for the very first time this season last night on sports-talk radio.  You will hear much more of this talk next week.

There's nothing better than November football.   However, the shake-out doesn't begin in November, as I was told when I was a kid.  The shakeout begins before November starts.

There will be a little shaking this Saturday in College football.  There will be much more next Saturday.  There will be some considerable shaking and quaking in the NFL this Sunday.  Some chumps are going to get cut this Sunday.  Note that Sunday, October 23 is the first day of Scorpio.

Consider the following propositions.  If, perchance, the Jets should lose to the Chargers, the Jets will fall to 3-4.  If, perchance, the Texans should lose to the Titans, the Texans will have a 3-4 record close to mid-season.  If, perchance, the Falcons should lose to the Lions, they will have a 3-4 losing record close to mid-season. If, perchance, the Bears should lose to the Bucs, they will have a 3-4 losing record close to mid-season.  If, per chance, the Cowboys should lose to my lowly Rams, they will have a 2-4 losing record close to mid-season.

The Jets, Texans, Falcons, Bears and Cowboys would all have losing records close to mid-season.  At best, they could go .500 by mid-season.  This is not how the script was supposed to play-out.  All of these are unexpected outcomes.  We thought the Jets were contenders.  We expected the Texans to scamper off with the AFC South now that the Colts are crippled.  Dan Patrick declared he would hand the Lombardi Trophy to Matty-Ice at the end of the season.  He did so on the Rich Eisen PodCast before the start of the season.  Hope springs eternal in Dallas.

Remember:  the shake-out commences Sunday October 23, the first day of Scorpio.