Tuesday, October 18, 2011

So I applied for a job with the NFL

So it all started 24 hours ago.  My buddy Colin, who happens to be on the job market right now, sent me an eMail with a link to the NFL's website; or their employment website to be more precise.  

This was exciting.  Colin happens to live very near Culver City, and I thought he might have nailed a media position with the NFL Network or NFL Films.  I clicked the link. It turns out that the League is looking for a project manager... a software project manager; a web-oriented software project manager, to be precise.

Of course, Colin knows I am looking for my big break in software management.  I took 24 hours to think about it. If they say no, it's going to break my heart, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.  As coach Madden would say, you have to throw the football in the end zone if you want a chance at a touchdown pass.  You miss on 100% of the touchdown passes you don't throw into the end zone.

So I shook'em up and rolled the dice. Wouldn't it be lovely...