Thursday, October 6, 2011

191.8: a new all-time low

Not much time for a blog entry this morning, but I just thought I would mention that the score a few moments ago was 191.8 on the Tanita scale.  This means the Bod Pod would weigh me at 191.331 this morning.  This constitutes a new all-time low as an adult.

At the very end of my U.S. Army Basic Training and AIT, the medical doctors at Fort Sill Oklahoma weighed me in at just over 192 pounds.  This was in late July or early August of 1989.  The scales were a bit primitive by today's standards, but I am sure they were accurate.  They were not cheap or rinky-dink by any stretch of the imagination.  I am close to a pound less than I was then, more than 22 years ago.

Not easy to believe, eh?  I had not yet reached my 23 birthday at that point. At 45, I weigh a little less.  Was I in better shape then?  It's hard to know.  Perhaps I could lift a bit more in the weight room.  My knees were not yet arthritic, so I could run 3 miles in 19 minutes (that is an officially recorded figure), but I doubt I could do what I currently do on the Rower, the Elliptical and the pool.

My condition is different today, but I bet my cardio vascular conditioning is as good or better.