Wednesday, October 12, 2011

2011 NFL Season, Week 5 results

There were only 13 games on the schedule during this first bye week of the 2011 season.  6 times were idle.  My record was a paltry 9-4.  I got my ass handed to me in a few games.

Most shocking of them all was the 49ers 48-3 route over the Bucs.  I never, never, never saw that coming.  I truly believed the Bucs were the superior team.  The 49ers may just have the best young coach in the league, and Jim Harbaugh just might be the NFL Coach of the Year 2011.

The 49ers are the biggest surprise team in the NFL.  They are more surprising than even the Buffalo Bills, who are also a huge surprise.  The Lions are not really a surprise.  We all knew they were loaded.  It was strictly a question of whether the chemistry would come together and if they would gell well.  Only the Redskins can challenge the 49ers for the surprise-team title.  However, the Redskins showed signs of life in Pre-Season.  Not so with the 49ers.

I was also quite surprised by the Vikings' dismemberment of the Cardinals.  It's clear that the Cardinals are a lot worse than we suspected... and every dog has his day, even if it is snake-bit dog.

It's time for the Giants to hang their heads.  I've lost my faith in those guys.  I believed they were a big physical team, but they just aren't a good or consistent pro club.  They are the little girl with the curl.  They had no business losing to the Seahawks.  That was a disgraceful loss.  The Giants dropped a sure-fire gimme.

The moment I gave the Titans a vote of confidence, they let me down, allowing Ben Roethlisberger to throw 5 TDs during a game in which he was hobbled.  The Titans and suspect again.