Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bod Pod XII: epic fail

Bod Pod XII went down at around 9:00am this morning.  The results were terrible.  No varnish.  No spin.  This was an epic failure.

  1. My total body weight decreased from 193.284 to 190.664.  This is a paltry 2.62 pounds in 15 days of effort, or 12, depending upon how you look at it.
  2. My fat weight decreased from 45.663 pounds to 43.714 pounds.  This is a paltry 1.949 pounds.
  3. My lean weight decreased from 147.62 pounds to 146.95 pounds.  This is a decrease of 0.67 pounds.
  4. My body volume decreased from 83.886 liters to 82.627 liters.  This is a decrease of 1.259 liters
  5. My Body Fat Percentage (BFP) descreased from 23.6% to 22.9%.  This is a paltry 0.7% decrease.  Not even a full percentage point! 
Now doesn't that represent positive progress?  No, not really; not when my lean weight is decreasing and we expected an increase.

Understand that this is paltry progress.  During the high-tide of summer I was knocking off 6.5 pounds or more every single time up.  The actual fat loss was higher.  I averaged 0.5 pounds of fat loss per day, 3.5 pounds per week and 7 pounds in a Bod Pod cycle.  I was increasing my lean weight also.  Less than 2 pounds of fat loss in 15 days is totally unacceptable.

So much for Pink Magic and Chocolate Milk.

So it is time to recognize that I am hardcore-stuck on a bad plateau.  It is now time to shake up the training regime.  Although I loath to give up my self-direction and sovereignty, it is finally time to buy into the personal trainer thing.  This is hard to do, as I doubt any of these youngins know more about fitness than I do.  I seriously doubt that any can formulate a plan better than I can.  

Nevertheless, the knowledge angle is the wrong angle to take in this case.  This is not about knowledge.  This is about accountability, pressure to improve, and changing the regime that isn't producing progress anymore.

I've ridden these aerobics machines for all they can give me.  The last ounce of fat has been squeezed out with the bike, treadmill, elliptical, ROM, and Olympic rower.  It is now time to try different forms of exercise that will be more challenging.

I've already made contact with a couple of different CrossFit out-fits around my local San Fernando Valley, and I am hoping to get my first training session today.  It will happen tomorrow at the latest.  I am joining the CrossFit movement.