Friday, October 14, 2011

194.4, reverse progress.

So the score on the Tanita scale was 194.4 English pounds a few moments ago.  This would put me just under 194 on the Bod Pod.  Precisely two weeks ago, my last Bod Pod test had me at 193.731.  Naturally, my weight is ever so slightly higher this time around.

This will be the first time in over 9 months--since January 16--that I have not lost weight during a 2 week stretch.  Prior to surgery, I had to execute a 2 week liquid diet.  I lost approximately 20 pounds during that phase of the game.

This two week stretch is the first time in recent history when my scale weight has actually increased.

I am perplexed.  I have consumed very few calories over the past 2 days.  Workout totals are up.  My per-minute calorie averages are higher.  This means the intensity of the workouts have been higher.  There should be some progress.  There could have been some progress.  The test tomorrow will inform us all whether something has happened under the hood.  The scale is a crude tool, but it shows reverse progress.

It is clear that my body has a mind of its own.  I think we are at the end of the Gastric Bypass trail.  I am predicting that the test tomorrow will show that I am at the end of the Gastric Bypass weight loss window.  Perhaps I can alter my body composition by taking up the CrossFit program, or something like it, but my actual body weight has stabilized.  It would appear that the days of endless and easy progress are over.

Now, I could easily be quite surprised by my progress tomorrow.  There is the Pink Magic factor.  My testosterone is way up.  I might see a lean weight figure over 150 pounds.  I might see a fat drop of 3 or so pounds.  This is the dream of the little blue turtles, but it is not a lot of progress.  Also, we know that results such as these have been very difficult to come by during this program.  If I had to bet, I would bet against it.  The probability is low.

I knew this day would come eventually.  I knew that someday in the future, there would have to be an end to the weight loss trail.  There would have to be a Bod Pod test which showed zero progress.  There would have to be a moment when my weight and body composition stabilized.

I just wish it wasn't now.  I just wish it wasn't happening yet.  It is with a sense of depression that I say this.  Some of my goals are unrealized as yet.  Since my body has unilaterally decided to begin a new phase of the game, this casts doubt upon the eventual realization of my final goals.

Due to scheduling problems, Bod Pod XII is scheduled for tomorrow morning at 9:00am.  We shall see what's happening under the hood.  I am glum about the prospects.