Thursday, October 27, 2011

2011 NFL Season Week 8 Picks

It was a tough week last week.  I posted my worst results of the year at 8-5.  Still, nobody at ESPN did better than I did, so I am gratified.  You guys should not have picked the Raiders, but you are a pack of old AFLers aren't you?

This week, we have a pretty easy collection of match-ups.  I don't think we're going to have a lot of drama here folks.  There are a couple of games that will be interesting, though.

  1. Titans and Colts is a game the Colts might win.  The Titans started strong and are fading fast.  After the loss of Kenny Britt and two straight blow-out losses, they look like they have resumed life as a rebuilding franchise.  Memo to the Colts:  If you are going to win one this season, this is the time to do it.  This is the game to get.
  2. Saints @ Rams is massacre waiting to happen.  I was worried about the Packers hanging 60 on us.  We better worry about the Saints hanging 60 on us.  They just did it to the Colts.
  3. Dolphins @ Giants is a bullshit match-up.  The Dolphins appear to be spinning out of control and edging towards the inevitable moment when ownership fires the coach.  The Giants are on their feet and playing better after a humiliating loss at home to the Seahawks.  This game is going to be boring.  Don't watch it.
  4. Vikings @ Panthers should prove interesting as a match-up of rookie QBs and little look at the future of both teams.  The Vikings played much better with Ponder at the QB, but I still like the Panthers in this game.  Super-Cam should provide enough power to overwhelm the Vikings.
  5. Cardinals @ Ravens looks like a major mismatch, but the Ravens just suffered an offensive breakdown of epic proportions against the Jags.  Seeing how the Ravens bounce back from failure should be the only interesting thing of note about this game.
  6. Jaguars @ Texans is problem matchup.  The Jags are fresh off a massive upset, and feeling good about themselves.  The Texans are fresh off a blowout victory and feeling very good about themselves.  I am concerned about another upset here, but the Texans should be getting Andre Johnson back for this game, and that is enough to tip the balance for me.
  7. Redskins @ Bills looks like another mismatch to me, and it is very unfortunate.  These were two rising teams who surprised us all at the start of the season.  Unfortunately, the Redskins blew out all the tires against the Eagles two weeks ago.  Now, I don't believe they are a match for the Bills.
  8. Lions @ Broncos looks like another epic mismatch, except for the fact that the Lions are on a two game losing streak.  Unfortunately for my other favorite franchise, I think the Lions are going to take out their frustrations in Denver.  Tebow may work a little magic in this game, but the Broncos just don't have enough talent to win this game.
  9. Patriots @ Steelers is the premier match-up of the day.  This will be the game that everyone watches.This is a very tough game to call, but I just don't think the Steelers are going to allow the Patriots to hand them their arse two years in a row.  The Patriots humiliated the Steelers last season in a loss that still irks them.  I think this is a grudge match.  I pick the Steelers based on pure meanness, violence, and homefield.
  10. Browns @ 49ers looks like a real mismatch.  The Browns just played one of the ugliest games of the season last week, and the 49ers are coming off a remarkable victory and a bye-week.  The Browns could upset if the 49ers come in flat and looking past them, but this is unlikely with a coach as good as Jim Harbaugh.
  11. Bengals @ Seahawks is a troublemaker of a matchup.  The pesky Seahawks aren't really competitive, but they posture as if they are.  They occasionally make trouble.  I am increasingly convinced that the Bengals are done rebuilding and they are growing into contenders with a young and fresh nucleus.  Unfortunately, the Seahawks have a heck of a homefield advantage, and they have a very stout defense.  This is going to be interesting, but I take the Bengals.
  12. Cowboys @ Eagles is the most tenuous and dangerous pick on the board.  These are two would-be contenders who both might miss the playoffs.  Both are desperate and fundamentally flawed.  Who wins this game?  Ultimately, I am going to pick the Eagles based on homefield, but I am very uncomfortable with this pick.  It could easily go the other way.
  13. Chargers @ Chiefs is also a troublesome matchup for game pickers.  Still, I can't seem to understand why everybody is picking the Chargers to win this game.  The Chiefs are coming off three-straight victories and they just shutout the Raiders.  The Chargers just laid a stinker in New York, collapsing in the 2nd half against the Jets.  I am taking the Chiefs based on momentum and homefield.