Thursday, September 29, 2011

2011 NFL Season Week 4

So I am a little tardy with my picks this week.  I am pressing to get a great result on Bod Pod XI, hence I am very pressed for time.  Only 13 days in this cycle.  I have double down for the lost day.

Still I managed to find enough time to do my predictions.  This is not a particularly interesting or good week in the season.  There are only a couple of interesting match-ups.

  1. The Bills should smash the Bengals
  2. The Browns v. Titans is an interesting match up, but the Titans are mortally wounded without Kenny Britt.
  3. The Steelers barely squeaked by the greatly down-trodden Colts last week.  The Texans are bitterly disappointed by their loss to the Saints.  This is a recipe for disaster for the Steelers,  This is one of the few interesting match ups, though.
  4. The Lions' visit to the Cowboys this weekend is the most interesting match up on the board.  I don't think Tony's broken rib can handle Ndamukong Suh.  I take the Lions.
  5. The Eagles should brutalize the 49ers.  I am shocked the 49ers are 2-1 and the Eagles are 1-2.
  6. Cam is going to face his first real defense in Chicago.  I don't like his odds.  He may give them a scare, but Julius Peppers may do a lot of violence to his former team
  7. I just can't pick against my Rams.  I am gloomy about this game, but the prospect of going 0-4 to start the season brings out my bias as a Ram-fan.  If there is any reason to bet on us, it is the fact that we have had the Redskins' number over the past several years.  Why the hell do we play the Redskins every year?  We are not in the NFC East?  What is wrong with the schedule makers?
  8. The Saints v Jags is a massacre.
  9. Now for the scariest pick of them all:  Vikings v Chiefs?  Talk about a pure heart-attack for a guy who has to make a pick... Which of these two snake-bitten teams do you pick?  Ultimately I feel the Chiefs are a little more terrible than the Vikings.  Maybe a lot more terrible.
  10. I believe the Cardinals are a lot better than they showed themselves in Seattle last week.  I think the Giants are more questionable than I believed at the beginning of the season.  On balance, the Giants should win, but I am issuing an upset warning here.
  11. I am officially off the Falcon bandwagon, but the Seahawks {chicken of the sea} are a horrible team.  The Falcons should prevail.
  12. If you are a Bronco fan--as I am--don't even bother to tune in.  The Packers are a very worthy champion.  This weekend is going to be hell.
  13. I am a fully self-confessed, self-actualized hater of both the Patriots and the Raiders.  Ergo I dub this the hate bowl.  A plague on both your houses, as Mercutio says.  I want to pick the Raiders, but I don't think so.
  14. I have no confidence in the Chargers, but I have even less in the Dolphins.  I do not believe Tony Sparano has control of his team or locker room.
  15. The Ravens v. Jets is a very interesting match up, but the Ravens should handle them decisively.  I would be surprised if the Jets ever hold the lead in this game.
  16. I believe the Colts left all their pride on the battlefield last week.  Now they have to face a very scrappy and spry gamer in the Bucs.  I am taking the Bucs.