Monday, September 12, 2011

2011 NFL Season Week 1 Outcomes

Well, I went 9-7 in my week one predictions. This is barely a winning record. Of course, I had hopes that I would win all my predictions, but we all know that it never goes that way in reality. Given the fact that we are just starting a season in which there was no off-season, I was thinking it would be difficult to avoid 8-8.

That's why they play the games.

The most shocking upset was the Bears over the Falcons 30-12. With no upgrade to that offensive line, with no upgrade to receiver corp, and with no upgrade to the running backs to help him, Jay Cutler looked fantastic. Mike Martz is working another miracle. I said that 2010 was his greatest achievement as coach, but he may just out-do that one this season. The Bears just keep on upsetting erstwhile superior opponents.

The second most shocking upset was the Redskins over the Giants 28-14. I just can't believe it. Mike Shanahan is going to be the coach of the year at this rate. I'm not kidding you folks. He's going to be the NFL coach of the year if this keeps up.

The most devastating blowout of the weekend came from the Bills. How in the world did the Bills smack down the Chiefs 41-7 on their home-turf? The Chiefs looked so disciplined and so professional last year!?!? How in the world can they be the worst team in professional football in 2011? We now know the Bills are better than we suspected. We also know the Chiefs are worse than we suspected. Just how much better and how much worse remains to be seen. You can't tell much based on 1 point of data, but this is alarming for Kansas City.

The most devastating loss belongs to the Rams. We had high hopes of defeating the Eagles. All looked well in the first 5 minutes of game time. Our D frustrated their O and made them punt. Steven Jackson carried the ball on our first offensive play from scrimmage, ripped through a gaping hole for 47 yards and a touchdown. It was pretty much down-hill from there. We lost Steven Jackson to a pulled quad, and Danny Amendola to dislocated elbow. We feared him lost for the season, but he will return in 4-6 weeks, according to some sources. To make matters worse, Sam Bradford bruised his pinky and was pulled from the game. There were rumors of a broken bone and nerve damage, but these turned out to be false. All three of our weapons were done for the game.

The most impressive win belongs to Lions. They faced a very game and very spry Buc team determined to beat them. The Bucs punched them right in the mouth to start the game, but the Lions overcame everything to win 27-20 on the road, and in a hostile environment. That was no easy victory. That was a fight and a half, but the Lions fought to victory. That taught me a lot about the Lions.

The most shocking performances belong to Cam Newton and Donovan McNabb. After one week of play, the score is Cam Newton 422 and Donovan McNabb 39. If you had told me 24 hours in advance that Cam would throw for 422 yards and Donovan would throw for 39, I would have laughed in your face. Folks, that's what happened. I am speechless. Maybe McNabb is done dealing, and maybe Cam is going to be a superstar.

I would be remiss if I did not mention that the Ravens busted the Steelers in the mouth 35-7. That was a steady beat-down throughout the entire course of the game. There was no moment in that game where the Ravens weren't dominant. They looked every inch the superior team. I was not surprised they won, but I was surprised at how lopsided that game was. I astounded that all but one analyst on the NFL Network picked the Steelers to win this game. Now you guys know what I know: The Ravens are damn good. I say they are the best team in the AFC by far, but we are going to have to suffer the Patriot cult and their remonstrations I am sure.