Sunday, September 25, 2011

Go Bills, for we are here to cheer for you!

It has often seemed, over the past several years, that I have been the only man who is man enough to call bullshit on the Patriots.  I should give a nod to Andrew Siciliano who called their bullshit once last year.

How about 'dem Buffalo Bills?  I want you to know I was the only swinging dick on God's Earth who had the nuts to pick these guys.  Every last 'expert' on ESPN and the NFL Network picked the Patriots.  They were laughingly certain that the Bills didn't have a chance.  I picked the Bills early in the week, and I didn't wavier.  I took a ton of shit for it, but you know I am grinning like the Cheshire Cat right now.

The Bills went down 21 nothing in this game and came all the way back to win 34-31.  The Patriots catastrophic road collapse was entirely due to Tom Brady's massive 4 interceptions.  Brady terminated two consecutive drives with back-to-back interceptions. That is, he terminated two of his own drives by throwing back to back interceptions.  I had to clarify that point for the Patriot-cult members who just "Wow!  Tom can play defense too?!?!?"

For the other team, yes.

It's very clear that the Bills are a heck of a lot better than anyone gave them credit for.  I could see that as early as week one when they splattered the Chiefs all over the field.  Their come-from-behind victory against the Raiders basically confirmed that.

I bet all of you guys are jumping on the bandwagon now.