Monday, September 5, 2011

203.2... and 12.21 miles before breakfast

The Tanita score this morning was 203.2, meaning the Bod Pod would have me at 202.35. This is a new low.

That was the score before 30 minutes, 374 kcal, and 10.1 miles on the bike. It was also before the 22 minutes, 2.21 miles, and 366 kcal on the elliptical motion machine. I did all that before breakfast. I bet you can't tally 12.21 kcal before breakfast. And I am on a heavy-duty calorie restriction diet also.

Something strange seems to be happening to me. I seem to be transforming into Superman and nothing can stop the process.

I hammered a ROM full cycle in less than 20 minutes yesterday morning. I worked far too long on my 2011 NFL predictions, and was way too sedentary during that time. After finishing that piece, I was full of the lethargy and fatigue that comes with inactivity. If you are on a calorie restricted diet, your body will take any opportunity afforded to shut down the any unnecessary expenditure and conserve energy. This is why you have to constantly ratchet your metabolism up through exercise.

I felt a little too weak to do both weights training and aerobic training, so decided to lift. I have prioritized lean muscle over fat loss in these past cycles. The workout at my local 24 Hour fitness was very successful. I increased my weight and my reps on nearly everything.

Afterward, I downed my second Pure Pro 50 of the day. By that point, I had consumed 180 grams of protein for the day. I had 30 grams in a Big 100 bar as well. This is (by far) the largest protein total I have consumed since having roux en Y gastric bypass. I felt this was too much protein, but you just can't skip the protein after weight training. You waste your workout that way.

The funny thing was this: Less than 30 minutes later, I was at loose ends, burning up with energy. I knew I wasn't finished for the night. I decided I would at least do a Sauna at 24 Hour Fitness in Thousand Oaks.

I did a hell of a lot more than that. I did 12 minutes of initial warm up on the tread mill, because a lame dude was wasting time on my Olympic rower. I did 12 minutes on the Olympic rower, and I went hard. This was after a full weight lifting regime that included rows and pull downs. I went back to the tread mill and did 10 minutes at higher speed, finishing at 4.1 miles per hour and a level 8 incline. I jumped on the bike and did 15 minutes, burning 220 kcal. I jumped back on the Olympic rower and did 5 more minutes.

It was around that time I noticed a very young, blond, Pisces-looking girl shadowing me around the gym. She positioned herself on the Elliptical machine just in front and too the left of my rower. Of course, this gave me an excellent rear view. This was her third move to position herself near-by me. Co-inky-dink? I think not.

I wouldn't put her a day over 21. She was allowing her custom-cut-up sweat top to droop over her shoulder, exposing her sports bra suggestively. That was no happen-chance accident. That was orchestrated.

Despite strong distractions, when all was said and done, I hammered 54 minutes of constant aerobic activity burning 688.5 kcal. I didn't take time to rest between these exercises. I went straight from one station to the next.

I wasn't precisely exhausted either. I felt I could do more. That was when I started to realize that I was transforming into Superman. Such a workout would put most 45 year old guys under ground. I wasn't really tired.

I hit 11 minutes in the steam sauna, and realized I still had some nervous energy left. I decided 20 minutes of laps in the pool would be the best thing. I proceeded to practice my backstroke.

Somewhere around minute 12 or 13, I noticed that the 21 year old blond Pisces had returned. She was at poolside. She was sitting on a stool, to the right of me, text-messaging. This was night-time folks. It was around 10:00pm. There was nobody there but us chickens. I felt this was unusual behavior on the part of young lady... unless she's interested.

I decided it wouldn't be wise to break the workout to talk to her. Too forward. Finish the workout, then see if you can have a word. I kept swimming. She got tired of waiting after about 5 or six minutes, and started walking around the pool a bit. That was when I knew she was trying to get me to notice her.

I kept going. I was going to finish. She got tired of waiting and went into the hot sauna. Perfect, I thought. That's where I am headed next. We spent about 11 minutes in the sauna together. she was listening to Pandora music on her smart phone. He had about 6 minute conversation about Pandora. She was pretty shy in conversation. She took off after that. I finished my sauna.

Piscean women are usually shy and retreating, and fearful of rejection. There are exceptionally aggressive and assertive specimens, but they are few and far between. Most Pisces girls are not like Rihanna. That was a first brush. It will be interesting to see what happens the next time we bump into each other at the gym.

She'll be surprised when she finds out how old I am.

However, this is another indication that I seem to be transforming into Superman. I'm still around 27% body fat. I am going to be absolutely fucking deadly when I reach 10-12% body fat. I'm not joking either. I'm a little scared of the prospects.

I am going to keep my protein consumption level at around a 150 grams per day from here on out to the finish line. I think this doing me a world of good.