Wednesday, September 14, 2011

2011 NFL Season Week 2 Predictions

Here they are folks, my week 2 predictions.

There are only a couple of tough choices on the board this week. The Cardinals vs. Redskins is the first of these. These are two pretty good and evenly matched football teams. I am taking the Redskins based on home field advantage, but this could easily go the other way,

One of the most dangerous matches on the board is the Bears vs. Saints in the Super Dome. The Saints should power-slam the Bears. All the Bears do is upset the shit out of erstwhile superior opponents. Saints beware! This is one of the two most interesting matches on the board.

The most difficult game to assess is the Chargers vs. Patriots. The Patriot defense got lit by none other than hot-seat QB Chad Henning. What are they going to do when the face Phillip Rivers and the Chargers? Rivers didn't exactly light it up against a weak Viking secondary though. As we all know Tom Brady threw for 517 yards against the Dolphins (1 Int), but what will he do when he faces a secondary that canned Donovan McNabb, holding him to 39 yards?

Ultimately, I am going to take the Patriots based on home field advantage, but this game could easily go the other way.

The Falcons vs. Eagles is somewhat intriguing, but I expect the Falcons to be wildly pissed off after their humiliation at the hands of the Bears. The Eagles defeated my Rams based on a limited number of big plays, but their lines are absolutely vulnerable. My Rams gashed their defensive line on run after run. If the Falcons will just run a little with Turner the Burner, everything aught to be all right.

This brings me to the most regrettable choice on the board. As you know, my Rams got banged up against the Eagles. We now have to go on the road to New York to face the Giants without Steven Jackson and Danny Amendola. I don't like 'dem odds. Also, I don't want to use the term sophomore jinx, but... If the Redskins can beat the Giants, so can we, but it isn't super likely. I am forced to take the Giants.