Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Green Day

I would be remiss if I didn't mention that today was Green Day, the kick off to green week. This the week when my company is supposed to save the world through a higher consciousness of the environment.

Does this really do anything to save the world? Nope.

Still, part of the activities involve wearing green clothing. That will save the world, now won't it? Yes, yes, of course!

So what do I wear? Do I wear one of my Eagles jerseys? Hell no! After the damage they did to my Rams, I will not wear an Eagle jersey. Do I wear my Brett Favre Packer jersey? Hell no! I am so sick and tired of Favre, I just can't wear that jersey. I should have bought the Clay Matthews Jersey in green by now... Do I wear the Sanchez Jets jersey in my closet? Problem is that this is the white rather than green jersey. It's not particularly green.

Nope, I just didn't have a jersey I could wear today. Instead, I put on the Under Armour Green compression shirt. This really shows off what I got. It's a little too hot for the office, but... they made me do it.

Well, the reactions were rather priceless. There were three in particular.
  • One of our business analysts spotted me coming in the front door. The look of unmitigated shock on her face was priceless. She didn't really try and didn't succeed in masking the stunned look on her face.
  • One of the secretaries pinched my left deltoid on my way out of a meeting this morning and said "You are really looking terrific!" Of course, this did wonders for my ego. Incidentally, she happens to be a Leo.
  • Returning from lunch, we entered through the company kitchen. A group of females from the Fee research section were eating their lunches there. I kid you not, there was a hush silence as I walked over to the refrigerator to store the un-eaten half of my burrito in the refrigerator. I was wondering what hushed them, so I looked over. Seated there was another nice Leo girl I have had conversations with at various birthday events. She happens to be a UCLA grad like me. She was grinning like the Cheshire cat, staring at me. There was no mistaking that look. I kinda though she liked me. Now I know. I like her too.
I don't know, about this Leo thing, folks. Sirus 1,1 claims I have some blistering Leo scores. They climax on August 3, 1987. This is my second highest total-combined score to the theoretical Pisces female born on March 12, 1986.

The Leo chicks seem to love me. I have gotten more reaction from this group than any other. I get no reaction from the Taurus and Capricorn chicks, but the Leo women seem to love me. This is highly counter-intuitive. As a Virgo dude, I should be irresistible to the Capricorn and Taurus women, but this is certainly not the case. As a Virgo dude, I should be a very average Joe to the Leo women, but this does not seem to be the case. Of course, there are the 2 Leo and 3 Aries signs sitting on my chart...

I am bordering on the conclusion that I am just too fiery for the earth mothers, but just fine for the fire chicks. Perhaps, I should test this hypothesis versus an untested group, such as the Sagittarian women. I should take caution, though. This experiment could be extremely dangerous...