Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Homage to the Virgo Women

It would appear that Virgo Sisterhood is far stronger than I originally presumed. It would appear that I under estimated them... severely. That statement comes from a September 2 Virgo.

For whatever combination of reasons, I have never really taken a hard look at my astrological home girls. I have had a strong tendency to discount any female I encountered who happened to be a Virgo.

Perhaps it because I actually do happen to have a Virgo sister (born on 9/10/1963)... Perhaps it is because the two of us have an aggression score of 650 Sirus 1.1... Perhaps it is because she really has been my nemesis in scores of years past... I don't know...

We are almost at the end of Virgo season. Tomorrow is officially the last day of Virgo season. Next comes Libra. As these past 30 days have rolled by, I have been more and more astonished by the names that have come up on the birthday list.

I already knew that most of classic dames of Hollywood's golden era were Virgo women. I already knew Lauren Bacall, Ingrid Berman, Greta Garbo, and Sophia Loren were all born around my birthday. I noticed this through the years.

I already knew about my birthday buddy, Salma Hayek. I knew about Shania Twain and Faith Hill, two of my all-time favorite women. I hesitate to mention this, but I already knew about two-time defending AVN performer of the year, Tori Black.

I did not know that any of the following women were Virgos:
  • Angie Everhart
  • Barbara Eden
  • Claudia Schiffer
  • Heather Thomas
  • Jacqueline Bisset
  • Rachel Ward
  • Rachel Hunter
  • Raquel Welch
  • Rose McGowan
  • Shannon Elizabeth
I'm not even naming all of the famous women whose photos I just posted.

Folks, is it just me, or does this list contain most of the biggest sex-symbols from the 1930s clear up to the 1980s? You have 50 years of the biggest names on the Virgo list. No wonder the Scorpio dudes rank Virgo women #1.

Before I continue with my opinion, you should know conjunction is a tricky thing in Astrology. It's an incredibly powerful aspect, and often ranked as the single most powerful aspect. Unfortunately, it is unpredictable. You may love them. You may hate them. It depends on how they strike you. If they remind you of everything you hate about yourself, you will certainly dislike the conjuncted ones. If you strongly identify with them, and have an intuitive understanding of the conjuncted one, you're going to love them.

As a Virgo, I usually disdain Virgo women. It's not easy for them to get me to react to them. I would have told you I was biased against them. I would have also told you I had few, if any, good Virgo scores. Upon further review, I find plenary evidence to overturn that call. It would appear that I am wrong on all counts.

It seems that I have been reacting to Virgo women all along. Barbara Eden, in particular, was my first childhood flame. When I was 5 or 6, I thought she was the ultimate woman. I wasn't the only one. All my buddies in school thought she was the ultimate woman also.

Later, during the 1970s, I thought Raquel Welch was the reigning goddess of women. I always thought Lauren Bacall and Ingrid Bergman were insanely gorgeous. I recall seeing Rachel Ward for the first time in 1981 when I saw Sharky's Machine with my dad. She blew my brains out. I didn't know what hit me.

I ran my scores versus all Virgos born between 1966 and 1994, and it would appear that there are far more good scores than err I thought before. Top Virgo was born on August 31, 1985. She just turned 26 years old, and she's got a madness-educing score of 390. There are many marvelous Virgo scores in 1985. 1987 features a top score of 304. 1980 has a score of 303. 1976 holds a top score of 280. I have a 275 versus women born on 9/21/1974.

It would appear that it is indeed theoretically possible for me to hook up with a fellow Virgo. I would have scoffed at that notion just 30 days ago. I am more compatible with my own than I would have originally suspected.

In any case, these past 30 days have forced me to re-evaluate my home-girls. I am not prepared to say that the girls of my clan are hotter than those of the Capricorn or Pisces clans. I am still very, very biased in favor of these two clans.

However, it seems that for every Capricorn like Eva Gardner, I can show you two Virgo women like Lauren Bacall and Ingrid Bergman. For every one Pisces super model like Cindy Crawford, I can show you two like Rachel Hunter and Angie Everhart. I am leaving Claudia Schiffer out of this.

This may be a function of our general numerical superiority. Virgo is one of the most common signs. We are born during the baby boom that happens at the end of every summer. However, you have to give our tribe it's due. We got a lot of good looking women (and men).

I wanna go on the record and say that God only made one perfect Virgo woman. That was Faith Hill. Shania Twain and Lauren Bacall came within micro-fractions of a nanometer of perfection, but they didn't quite make it.