Friday, September 2, 2011

Bod Pod IX... Meh!

The results of the Birthday Bod Pod are in, and in the famous words of Tedy Bruschi, that ain't what were looking for. That is probably a Bellichick saying.

The findings of the study are these:
  • My scale weight was 203.734, down from 209.340,
  • This is a loss of 5.606 gross pounds
  • I now have 55.912 pounds of body fat, down from 62.414
  • This is a loss of 6.502 pounds of fat.
  • I know have 147.821 pounds of lean weight, up from 146.926 last time
  • This is scarcely 0.895 of one pound increase of lean. I guess that beats a poke in the eye.
  • My body fat percentage is now 27.4%, down from 29.8% last time.
  • This is a 2.4% reduction in Body Fat Percentage, matching my BFP drop last time
  • My body volume is now 89.135 liters, down from 92.042 liters last time.
  • This is a decrease of 2.907 liters of body volume.
I guess anytime you increase you lean and decrease your fat, it's a pretty good week. The BFP reduction is equal to the one during the previous cycle. Still, I can't help but think it is a mediocre, mediocre, mediocre showing. I have done better before. I was hoping for my best cycle ever. This did not happen.

I should balance that sentiment out by meditating on the look of awe displayed on the Bod Pod operators' faces when they see my progress charts. I must admit that the purple trend line on the BFP chart is as constant as the Northern Star. It just keeps going down and down and down and down on a straight trajectory.

They openly say they wish they owned a trend line that looks like mine.

Still the pronounced saw-tooth pattern on my lean-weight is a spoiler and a bitch. I need to get my lean up to 160, post-haste. I am announcing a new plan to start training with my linebacker buddy as soon as possible. The lean has got to increase.

The cumulative totals the Bod Pod history show are impressive. In just 16 weeks:
  • I have Reduced my BFP from 44.1 % to 27.4%
  • My lean percentage has gone from 55.9% to 72.6%
  • I have altered my body composition 16.7%.
  • Cut my body fat weight from 114.090 down to 55.912 pounds
  • That is a loss of 58.178 pounds of fat.
  • I have cut 51% of my fat weight in 16 weeks.
  • I still maintain a net positive 3.261 pounds of lean weight.
  • My body volume has diminished from 117.111 liters to 89.135 liters.
  • My body volume has dropped 27.976 liters. Think of 28 x 1 liter bottles of Pepsi vanishing from under my skin.
At the same time, we have the sobering fact that I remain in the high risk category. Anyone carrying more than 25% body fat is considered to be at high risk for obesity related health problems. As far as I've come in all this time, I'm still not out of the woods just yet.

Just how far do I have to go get out of the woods? The Bod Pod will change my check mark for the first time when I go under 25%. Unless I do better on this next cycle, it won't happen on September 16th. If I nail the same 2.4%, I will be sitting right on the 25% mark. They will still check the high risk box in that case. Even if I should score a -2.5% BFP reduction, the check box will only indicate moderate risk.

I won't get into the healthy category until I reach 19.99%. How far away is that? At present speed, it will happen in 6 weeks. This is presuming 6.5 pounds of loss each cycle, and no change in lean. In other words, a sub-average performance. This means it should show up on the October 14th Bod Pod. At that time, my body weight should be 184.233 pounds. I should have no more than 36.412 pounds of fat on my frame. Presuming a constant lean, I would have 147.821 pounds of lean mass.

There are better and happier scenarios, but let's not bank on it.

The fact is that my GP and Dr. Quilici have settled on the figure of 17-18% BFP as their ultimate target for my good health. When will that happen? 8 weeks from today is the earliest we should expect to see such a figure. It should show up on the October 28 Bod Pod.