Monday, September 12, 2011

60 minutes, 6 miles, 938 kcal, all on the elliptical cross trainer

So I just blasted 60 minutes of aerobic exercise on my LifeFitness Elliptical Cross Trainer. I traversed 6.13 virtual miles, burning 938 kcal @level 15. I used the mountain pattern. I nailed in blocks of 22, 23, and 15 minutes respectively.

I also blasted a full ROM cycle, first thing this morning, doubling up on the abdominal rows. This was a good start to the day.

I feel good. I have thoroughly revved up the metabolism. Everything is clicking. I think I am going to walk down to the local McDonalds and have a burger. Then I will walk back and do some biking. Why? Because I can.

I have had very little to eat today. I got 100 grams of protein and about 500 kcal in the form of two protein drinks. I also ate half a chicken burrito from LaSalsa. That probably provided something like 400 kcal. Let's call it 450 for safety's sake. This means I have consumed 950 kcal total today.

My BMR/RMR is currently rated at 1,830-1,860 kcal. I just burned 938 kcal more. Forgetting about the ROM and forgetting about the RMR elevation effect of exercise (something you cannot do) I am at -1,818. I think you can toss in 300 kcal for the ROM and the escalation effect. This would mean I am at -2,118.

Such a heavy deficit is not a good thing. As a rule of thumb, you don't want your deficit to be larger than your total BMR/RMR. That is effectively a starvation diet. This is what leads to losses of lean mass on the Bod Pod test. You know we wouldn't want to see that on this coming Friday, now would we?

Besides that, I will probably get the chicken sandwich and I won't be able to finish it all anyhow. I will see you at McDonalds.