Thursday, August 19, 2010

That's my boy

Tim Tebow is the son I never had. He even looks a little like me.

In all seriousness. Things are shaping up just the way I thought, except on the Clausen/McCoy front. They're a little transposed in these statistics here.

No need to worry about McCoy just yet. It's not the first time Mike Holmgren has worked with a young guy who threw some interceptions. This will get straightened out.

Clausen looked better than I expect, but not as good as the Notre Dame forensics team would have you believe. All-in-all, that is a better showing than I expected from him.

The real story here is how well Tim Tebow did. If the little rotten SOB hadn't dropped his second pass it would have been a beautiful touchdown bomb. Yes, I know he suffered bruised ribs on the touchdown run. Don't worry. They will outfit him with a flack jacket and everything will be alright.

Some say that his old motion showed itself again. Wanna know a little secret? It doesn't matter, it never did, and never will in the future. A lot of great ones--including Johnny U--had a funky throwing motion. You notice that the funky motion got him the highest rating of the day, and it would have been higher had the touchdown bomb been caught.

I told you so.

Now the NFL Network is openly discussing the fact that the Rams have a bad offensive line and that it has been bad for a long time. They are no longer toting the Billy Devaney line. The pios kant is going out the window. Have a look the video here.

Poor Sam. Poor, poor Sam. Sam, if I was the boss, I wouldn't drafted you just to flush your career down the crapper.