Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Oh Christ... not another Favre feeding frenzy

Oh Christ... not another Favre feeding frenzy

This time folks, the joke is on you. You're making fools out of yourselves, and don't blame it on us. I'm speaking of ESPN and the NFL Network. Right now a maximum intensity feeding frenzy is in progress because... [drum roll] Brett Favre borded a plane headed for Minnesota. No shit, eh? Did you expect him to drive? Why is that news?

The obvious certainty that he would take a plane rather that drive was completely lost in the hystrical panic the news caused. Special agents are covering the scene of the depature and the scene of the arrival 24/7. I'm talking about wall-to-wall coverage. This is right up there with Elvis has left the building. It's almost as big a Buckwheat getting shot.

This frenzy resembles both the Huricain Katrina and the death of Pope John Paul Frenzies. It is not quite as big as the death of Michael Jackson, but it is close. If this story were a favor of ice cream, it would be named Banna Christ Ape Shit. Let's face the facts folks. It is the 2nd comming of Jesus Favre, or Brett Christ.

In all seriousness folks, is he the greatest QB in history? Nope. Is he the greatest QB in the league? Nope. Is he the #1 guy in the Fantasy pool? Nope. Is he the #1 QB in the NFC? Nope. Is he over 40 and surgically repaired? Yep! Did he throw the INT that terminated the Vikings in the NFC Championship game? Yep. Is Minnesota the most populace state in the nation? Are the Vikings the defending world champs? Nope! Are the Vikings the best team in football? Nope! Is this the richest state in the union? Nope. Is the state of Minnesota deeply steeped in footbal tradition? Nope.

Why then are are going absolutely frickin' bonko?

Let's face the facts folks, the big media covers the stories they want to cover, just the same way I do on my little blog. For some obtuse and eskew reason, this story interests them more than others do. I don't understand why. However, the coverage of this story is massively disproportional to the significance of this story.