Monday, August 2, 2010

Commentary on Bradford's Natal Chart

Rising Sign Capricorn

It looks reasonable to me. I question whether he is older looking as a youth, but the rest of this seems to be in good order. He does seem to be practical, reserved, very ambitious, an achiever, a hard worker. I think he respects success.

If he doesn't yet have a serious view of the world being a difficult place to be in, he will very soon. I suspect he already does. If he is not yet envious of those with an easier life, he will. I can see Sam being very envious of Peyton and Eli Manning's situations very soon.

Sun in Scorpio

This seems pretty indisputable. I remember when good 'ole Rich Eisen put the question to him regarding his unwillingness to play for the Rams if drafted by the Rams. Sam looked disconcerted--shocked even--and he didn't verbalize his position too well. He did look like he was brooding for the rest of the interview. If I read his mind I would have suspected that he was thinking "Who is trying to blow my chance of going #1 with these damnable lies!"

Let's hope he is willful, powerful and tenacious. Let's hope he does some lashing out in a vengeful manner... against the 49ers.

Moon in Gemini

This sign has to be wrong. The moon changes position faster than anything else in the chart, ergo I suspect Sam was not born around high noon. He does not strike me as a guy with a short little span of attention. You don't score 36 on a Wonderlic that way. He does not strike me as a non-stop talker.

Mercury in Libra

It is good to weigh all possible choices very carefully before making a decision... unless you have 2 seconds to make up your mind. That's all the Rams' offensive line is going to give him. Let's be realistic about this thing. There are three great lies in life: The check in the mail, the Rams' line isn't all that bad, and I promise not to cum in your mouth. The Rams' line is all that bad... and a bag of chips.

I am not much in to compromise as a way of avoiding feather ruffling. It is good to be diplomatic, but I am no diplomat. I come from the Shula "punch in the mouth" school of diplomacy. I majored in Anthropology, so being a raconteur of culture and taste with refined ideas is fine for me.

Venus in Sagittarius

Watch out! Cardinal fire on Venus. Loyalty and a high sense of morality in relationships is cool. You are going to have to watch out for the emotionally possessive type, now that you have $50 million in guaranteed money. [Buy gold.] The chicks are going to get mighty damn possessive now.

Mars in Libra

This is a very nice sign for team work, and for football. Sounds like he has a bright future in politics.

Jupiter in Aries

So I found a very interesting link on Jupiter in Aries. You can read it here. Jupiter is the ruler of wealth, finance, commerce, business, opportunism. Aries is the a direct aggressor, the god of war, the fiery, driven sign. Quote the site: "When Jupiter is in Aries, the image is the door of opportunity being flung open." Also, "There can be a wolf-like quality to Jupiter in Aries since the drive of Aries can combine with the greed of Jupiter to create an aggressive greediness which is not aware of the longer range goals."

Well... we all know about the big contract. Just be aware that taking $78 million out of the company coffers doesn't leave much for Bobby Williams, Stephen Neil, Flozzel Adams, Alan Faneca, or any of the other dudes who would keep you alive.

So we are to expect these things: Aggressive humor, naked aggression and opportunism, wolflike greediness, raw straightforward interactions, great tales of adventure, open cruelty. I guess this explains the 7 consecutive 60 point blow-outs during 2008.


The further out you go in the chart, the less and less the signs have to do with the specific person, and the more they deal with generations of people. You can continue on with Saturn et al, but I start to loose interest after Mars.

There are many qualities to admire in this chart. Many elements of this chart look like a Quarterback chart. I would really like to know his birth time. It would be interesting to see what the Houses have to say about affliction and self-destruction.

Tips for the Gold-Diggers now going after Sam Bradford