Friday, August 6, 2010

The NFC East is going to be competitive?

So I heard the guys on NFL Total Access agreeing that the NFC East was going to be the most competitive division in 2010. I have on thing to say to that: Nope, fuck no.

Let's get this straight. The Redskins were dog-shit in 2009, finishing 4-12 and drafting #4 overall. The one modestly good looking unit on the team was the 4-3 defense they had. So, they fire the defensive coordinator, blow-up the ship, flush the 4-3 down the toilet, and convert to the 3-4. They are now in the 1st year of a big QB transition, which is always traumatic, a new offensive system, and a new defensive. All this is true, and you expect them to be competitive?

Ha! Nah! Nope! Not going to happen.

So the Eagles have blown Donovan McNabb out the door, and they are in the first year of a quarterback transition, which is always traumatic. They are going to this young kid Kobb, who is a major X factor, and you expect them to be competitive? Let us remember, the Packers fell from 13-3 to 6-10 in the first year of their transition from Favre to Rodgers. That was quite unexpected, and they did have an excellent to superb kid ready to come in and play for them.

So the Eagles are going to compete? Ha! Nah! Nope! Not going to happen.

Now we have the Giants, the first authentic possibility on the list. The Giants were crushed by the loss of Steve Spagnuolo last season. Their proud defense fell to #30, and was worse than the Rams, a fact I still find shocking as hell. I haven't been able to stuff my green eyes back in their sockets since I saw those stats. Shocking as hell!

If the Giants have found a good defensive coordinator to replace Spags, they might be on their way. They had a nice draft. They got some nice free agents. I like what they did.

It all comes down to Perry Fewell. The weight of the New York Giants is upon his shoulders. If he does a good job, the Giants could rebound big-time. So what about Perry Fewell? I know absolutely nothing about him. He is a complete X factor in my book. He is an unknown quantity.

So, as you can see gentlemen, it all comes down to the Cowboys. This is their division to win. I think only the Giants have a prayer of challenging the Cowboys. If Giants don't challenge, the Cowboys will have a free and unobstructed run to the playoffs. They will cruise to a division title in a non-competitive NFC East.

Until I see every 1st quarter of the pre-season, I will stick to my guns and declare that the Cowboys are the mild favorite to win the NFC. Plenty of challenge may from from Green Bay, Atlanta and New Orleans.

Let's not rule out the possibility of a surprise story in the NFC. It would shock the world if a team like Detroit got up off the carpet and made a 1999 Ram or 1981 49er run.