Monday, August 2, 2010

Commentary on my Natal Chart

Ascendant in Virgo

Shy and not very self-assertive...? It depends on the context. Many battles are not worth fighting. As a matter of resource allocation, I only go to war as necessary. I can pass many hundreds of things without feeling the need to comment. Quite soft-spoken orderly, neat, and very likable? Someone else would have to vouch for that.

Perfectionist? No, perfection is not attainable. It is a useful abstract concept, but never a reality. High standards? Certainly. Tactless in pointing out the faults of others? Yep, I resemble that remark. I am brutally honest. Crisp no nonsense, efficient, never lazy, self indulgent, dedicated to the work ethic. That's all very flattering, but I am a little self-indulgent.

Sun in Virgo

"Extremely careful and cautious by nature, you value neatness and order above all else." You obviously haven't seen my apartment, but the rest may be true. I like high percentage shots. I like being able to make a case for a high percentage shot.

High standards and super-critical again? Yep, I think that's reasonable. Very good at practical skills like programming, building computers, cooking, masting audio/video, etc.? Yep, I suppose so. Hygiene and health problems? Well, I do have a few health problems. So, I am basically the ideal type for programming and software development, aye? Nice!

Moon in Aries

So the Fire Ram jumped over the moon? The image of aries is the battering ram, on fire. So this is where I get the fire, aye? This is where the drive or the horsepower comes from?

Mercury in Virgo

So I pay attention to the important details of any project. A careful thinker who can learn complicated and intricate techniques. I only like practical and useful things? Do I have the rep of being a nag or nit picky? If I do they are wrong, and they are overlooking critical weaknesses they better pay attention to. You might be sitting around looking stupid at the end of the season unless you pay attention to detail and take note.

Venus in Leo

What out! Cardinal Fire on Venus. A regal striking appearance that attracts others to me? I doubt that. I doubt this line about relating to those who make me look good. I certainly don't want to be around people who make me look bad, but you don't have to make me look good. Neutral is fine. The rest is accurate.

Mars in Leo

Proud, strong bold, courageous, self-possessed? Nice... Is the rest accurate? Maybe.

Jupiter in Cancer

Bah! There is more than a little bit of a fortune-teller's vagueness here, so I looked this up elsewhere. It says that I have good fortune where I am sympathetic and charitable, and use my powers for savings and accumulation. I have the gift of making others feel cared for, and I can create a homelike environment anywhere. Whatever I turn my hand to grows and turns out well. NICE! It says here that I should get into real estate and the food business... wow...


So now let the party begin! What does the Star Goddess have to say?

For the record, my eyes are green. Triple Virgo... I wonder if Devaney agrees with the withering criticism statement?