Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Synastry Files

Why Libra...?

So the research project continues with very interesting results. The Libras occupy the top 6 slots of the leader board. The scores are pretty well off the chart. Regrettably, so too are the aggression scores. Terrifying...

Another interesting finding seems to be emerging. The Aquarians are starting to show up strong. I haven't found one that can crack the Libra hegemony over the top 6, but the Aquarians are starting to show scores in the 180-220 range, which is remarkable, to say the least. The Aquarian reports also show high aggression scores, similar to the Libras, but in the 300 range.

Oh well, Tom Landry and Rodger Staubach didn't always get along. They blew their cool around each other a few times. They still formed one of the most famous partnerships in NFL history, and Landry is still Staubach's biggest fan. Incidentally, I happen to have Staubach's jersey hanging up in my cubical at work, so I think pretty well of him also.

I have not yet run the Gemini charts yet, but I am expecting those to show strong scores also.

Why? I am formulating a theory about this with the help of several websites. Many astrological sources will tell you can't match sun signs with sun signs per se. The logic is foul. You can only match whole charts with whole charts, looking at complex aspects. Nevertheless, certain common patterns do emerge.

Common pattern #1: Opposites attract. You heard the Paula Abdul song. In romance, the key principle is called erotic complementarity. In genetics the principle is called hybrid vigor. She brings something to the pot luck. You bring something else. Together, you put together a complete program. Since romance is a function of reproduction, and reproduction is a genetic thing, you need to think of this as you would DNA and RNA. Any biochemist worth a damn will tell you a strand of RNA is the exact mirror opposite of it's DNA counterpart.

You see, my thinking has been entirely wrong up to this point. I am a predominantly earth guy. I have 5 Virgos and one Taurus in my chart. After that, I have three key fire signs: Aries moon, Leo Venus, Leo Mars (just like Tim Tebow). The rest is water; one each of Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer. I haven't got the slightest shred of air in my chart.

Ergo, I should go after a predominantly air-girl, with little or no earth in her chart. She brings something to the table I don't have. I may bring something to the table she doesn't have. Together, we have compliantly. It's supposed to work.

I thought it was other way around. I thought I would be best off with an earthy girl, preferably of the Capricorn clan. I have been dismayed by how many mediocre/average scores I have seen comparing my chart to Capricorn women. I like them, and they don't exactly hate me, but evidently they don't think it's a hot match up. They are luke-warm to say the least. The story of my life thus far...

If these scores are to be believed, the air girls do think its a (real) hot match-up. Libra is an Air sign. Aquarius is an air sign. Gemini is an air sign. The approaching series of Gemini tests will be the critical key in qualifying this theory.

If some sources are to be believed, the Gemini scores will be hotter than the Libra scores. Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo. They are supposed to be the most mental signs of the Zodiac, with Aquarius coming in 3rd. Ergo, it is a hot match. Really?

I doubt this theory. First of all, how much hotter does it get than 357 to 371? Higher than this is nearly inconceivable. Second, I have never had a liaison or affair of the heart with a Gemini girl. Third, my Grandma was a Gemini. Despite the fact that I was her grandson, and I loved her, I have to tell you we didn't see eye to eye about a lot of things. This is where those fearsome aggression numbers would seem to manifest themselves. I used to make grandma plenty mad, and visa-versa. Finally, some of my least favorite stars (read Angelina Jolie) are Geminis.

How a Capricorn like Brad Pitt hooked up with a Gemini like Angelina Jolie... Brad, you are letting your earth brothers down.

Still, if there happens to be some magnificent Gemini chick waiting around out there for me...