Friday, August 6, 2010

Pisces Smoking...

So, I recently linked in a few vids by the Star Goddess in which classic Piscean problems with drugs, alcohol and escapism were described. I endorsed those comments and amplified on them. I also made the inflamatory comment that you cannot build a solid family around a Piscean mama, no matter how much you might be attracted to her. Guess who challanged that statement?

In the interests of bolstering my case I though I would link in this lovely video featuring Rachel Roxxx, of adult video fame, hitting the bong first thing in the morning, before work. For the record, Rachel was born March 2, 1983 in San Antonio Texas. This, of course, makes her a Piscean.

Lovely and tempting though she may be, you can imagine difficulties building a solid family unit around a mama such as this. This is not unusual for the Piscean clan, folks. In fact, it is par for the course.