Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Commentary on Billy Devaney's Natal Chart

Rising Sign is in 06 Degrees Cancer
My first impression is "that must be wrong". I would say that Devaney strikes me as a Capricorn. He is very stone faced and serious. I would place his birth time somewhere between 4:00 AM and 5:00AM. This would make his ascendant Capricorn. Interestingly enough, that birth time would keep the moon in Virgo. This would also match him with Sam Bradford's ascendant--at least given Bradford's theoretical birth time--accounting for some of the attraction there.

Sun is in 16 Degrees Pisces.
My first reaction to this was "awe crap!" Incidentally, that should be enunciated the way Hellboy says it. You don't know what this means to me. I know Pisces. My dear brother Ben and cousin Ana Julia are both pisces. My former business partner, now behind bars for insurance fraud (whom I will call John Z), is also a Pisces.

Whilst the Star Goddess will focus on drugs, alcohol, and music--all of which is true--you need to understand that these are morally grungy people. These are suspected purps. I say that with great agony in my heart. Understand I am saying this about family members and a guy I once counted as my best friend in life. I would describe two of them as serious alcoholics and one as a pretty serious drug user. All three have a thing for recreational drug use.

These are also world class concealers. They size you up before revealing anything about themselves. They keep a lot of secrets, and they keep them well. You won't suspect, and you will be shocked when you find out. John Z's family was utterly shocked the day the Treasury Department guys came and slapped the hand cuffs on him. I had no idea he had a fraudulent insurance firm on the side. He never once spoke of the insurance business. No bullshit. I was his alleged "best friend". Incidentally, the Treasury guys never once interviewed me in the case. They already knew, somehow, that I had no knowledge that could serve their ends. I still marvel at this.

It should also be noted that Pisces is diametrically opposed to Virgo, 180 degrees on the other side of 360 degree circle. This also happens to correspond to the 7th house in my (accurate) chart. This allegedly means that my wife is supposed to come from the Piscean clan. This is as good an explanation as any for why I have never married. No matter how much these depressed emotional bad girls may attract me, they are usually totally unacceptable as wife material. You just can't build a solid family with a Pisces as the mama. It is much better to roll with Capricorn or Cancer or Taurus... but none of these are in my 7th house.

Let me assure you, these people are not psychics. The women all think they are, and they all make disastrous decisions based on foolish hunches. These are the women who windup crying on the Oprah show. They will tell you about the night they were so certain, and how they were betrayed and abandoned...

Devaney sure did a nice job of publicly denying that he was going to draft Sam Bradford, long after he had revealed his plan to Adam Schefter and the NFL Network. This is a perfect example of the deceptive personality I am talking about. His ability to conceal may serve the Rams well as they prepare to relocate to Los Angeles.

Moon is in 04 Degrees Virgo.
Well, maybe this is the sign that saved Devaney. Interesting that his Moon is in opposition to his Sun. I guess that produces some balance. You would have to consult a more advanced fellow for better analysis. It is impossible for an executive type to roll without a little Virgo in his chart. You just won't be sharp enough. I guess this is where Devaney gets his modicum.

Mercury is in 19 Degrees Aquarius.
This is allegedly a smart-combo. Aquarius supposedly produces the greatest number of geniuses. Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison are a couple among many. You know what I think about geniuses. If you don't, refer back to my reviews of Splice and Sarah Polly's character.

Rather than being smart, Aquarius is simply "unchained", "unbound", and "off the hook". This is a radical sign. Some people confuse radicalism with intelligence. I never make that mistake. These are the folks who regard the 10 Commandments as 10 iron bars forming a prison around them, rather than 10 excellent safety devices on a car designed to get you to your destination alive and well. They do not understand--or will not understand--the adaptive quality of rules and regs. Law and tradition are not codified wisdom, in their view.

Geniuses are radicals. They need to think outside the box, or they won't revolutionize anything. What you don't understand--if you think they are smart--is that they frequently crash and burn, and they can unleash hell when they do. Aquarius is not as smart as you think.

This is as good an explanation as any I have seen for why Devaney would not respect the constraints the Rams' offensive line placed on his quarterback selection. After a couple of shots of whiskey, he probably said "Ah fuck it! Why am I constraining our choice this year based on a collection of linemen that will change in a year or two."

You want the answer? I'll give you the answer. Because the collection of linemen you have this year will ruin your QB selection's career... Right now in 2010. You're overlooking critical weaknesses just because you want to. That is stupid, not genius.

Venus is in 03 Degrees Aquarius.
This is another radical sign on the love planet. I don't like that at all. This doesn't say anything good about the man. I have no use for this sign on this planet at all.

Mars is in 06 Degrees Taurus.
"Careful, slow and thorough about all that you do, at times you are also willful and stubborn when others try to alter your course." And so the more I hit him, the more he wanted to draft Sam Bradford. 'Nuff said.

Jupiter is in 20 Degrees Cancer.
Well... you can refer to my chart for this analysis. We share this sign. Supposedly, anything he turns his hand to should grow and prosper. We shall see. Maybe he would be better in real estate and the food business.

So how do I describe what I am feeling after reading this chart... Nothing good. I doubt I will ever like the way Devaney makes his moves, or what he does in those moves. Comparing his chart to mine is interesting. There are reasons (Ascendant and Sun) why I initially had a positive reaction to the guy. He struck me as a somewhat familiar friend or family member initially, then I discovered some thing about him I just didn't like.

So you see, dear friends, I was quite correct in cashing in my chips. This was indeed the correct historical moment to dump my Ram-stock after 30 years. I'm not going to be able to like or tolerate the coming era. When you have an immutable stubborn-bull who gets emotionally attached to his psychic dreams of what the future might look like if only... You know you just can't reason with a guy like this. A logical and sober sensible argument will have no impact whatsoever. You cannot convince a guy like this of anything, at anytime, for any reason. You just have to wait for the bad plan to collapse of its own demerits, and then the ax will come out.

That is your cue that it is time to checkout. Cash in 'dem chips. Cut and run.

The Star Goddess

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