Monday, January 24, 2011

Everyone is swinging on Jay Cutler's nuts like Tarzan

As the NFL Network reported in the immediate aftermath of the NFC Championship game, players around the league were swinging on Jay Cutler's nuts like Tarzan during the contest. This continued on ESPN with my #1 pick of 1994, my homeboy Trent Dilfer. Dilfer also swung on Cutler's nuts. The Chicago fans took a page out of Cleveland's book by burning his jersey. {!!!!!}

I felt it was very strange that the Bears brought Cutler back to the sidelines in battle-dress, but I wasn't ready to question Jay or the doctors at that point. The immediate word was "some sort of injury to Cutler's knee..." That is nothing to fool around with. I know the devastation of knee injuries. I've had two knee surgeries in the past 14 months. A knee injury fucks up everything in life.

I find it curious that there was no such talk about Maurkice Pouncey over on the AFC Championship side of the fence. He had a sprained ankle and he missed most of the game. This once again proves that the QB gets entirely too much attention; too much credit when the team wins and too much discredit when they lose. If you are nameless and faceless OL guy, you can leave the game with an ankle problem. Well wishers will pray for your return. If the QB goes down with a knee, we're going to burn his jersey. Naturally this is pure bullshit.

We have confirmation that Jay Cutler has a grade II MCL tear. I think he will be seeing a top-notch surgeon soon. I'll bet that the famed Dr. James R. Andrews will get the call. We'll have to wait and see if Andrews will perform surgery on Cutler, but I wouldn't rule it out. This injury is serious, and nothing to sneeze at. I hope all you guys can taste that stinky foot in your mouth.

If there is a lesson in this, the Bears need to be a little more careful in handling these situations in the future. We have to understanding that there are some very strange politics surrounding the QB position. If Cutler had come out in civilian cloths, on crutches, in an air cast, none of these things would have happened. Seeing him in full dress sent a strange message. When the 3rd string emergency guy came into the game, you should have sent Jay to the locker room. He couldn't come back in anyway.