Sunday, January 2, 2011

So we didn’t make it to the Playoffs

A confession

So by now all of you should know that our Rams lost to the Seahawks tonight at Qwest field in Seattle by a score of 16-6. This means we finish 7-9, and they finish 7-9, but they win the NFC West due to tie-breakers. The worst case scenario has come to pass for the league office: A team with a losing record has entered the Playoffs. Embarrassing, is it not?

I have a big confession to make: I am not particularly disappointed by this outcome. Naturally, none of us like conceding the division crown to a losing football team we could have beaten. None of us like finishing with a losing record when we could have broken even.

However, you have to realize that our current roster is full of holes. 7-9 was and is an over-achievement for this group. Our current roster is just not talented enough to make a playoff run. Upgrades are necessary. I’ve been jonesing to get underway with the off-season rebuilding program for several weeks now. To make a playoff run, great improvements will have to be made; greater improvements than the ones we made during the last off-season.

A deadly receiver

The most important thing we have to do this offseason is find a deadly receiver. We need one man resembling Brandon Marshall, or Larry Fitzgerald, or both put together. There may or may not be such a figure in this 2011 draft. If there is such a figure in the 2011 draft, we are going to need a high pick to get him. Further, we will probably need to move up in the draft to acquire him. The more slots we have to move up, the more expensive it will be.

Those interested in making it to the playoffs this year should consider what that would have done to our 2011 draft position. The NFL recently changed the draft order rules such that all playoff teams will draft below all non-playoff teams. We would have drafted at position 21. Now we will probably draft at slot 14. Naturally, this is a much better position to start our quest for a deadly receiver. Don’t worry, be happy.

The second most important thing is the OL

We also need at least one ultra-behemoth guard. Two would be better. We need a guy who resembles Carl Nix or Larry Allen. How about one each? Of course, if we had simply claimed Alan Faneca off waivers…

A.J. Green

Now about that deadly receiver. Some say that man is A.J. Green. He is a Junior, but he is expected to declare for the draft. He said he was going to sit down with his family after last Friday’s Liberty bowl and make his decision. We should know soon. I heard Todd McShay extoling A.J. as the most freakish WR talent to enter the draft since Calvin Johnson. I hope he is correct. I’m totally in favor of drafting him.

The only way I would change my mind if there were some scenario by which we might acquire Larry Fitzgerald. I would gladly give up the 14 pick to get Larry, but it is bloody unlikely the Cardinals would ever deal him to us, or allow someone else to deal him to us.

I am still in favor of acquiring Lance Hankerson of Miami. If we can scam him with our #2 pick (somewhere around #46) I think we would be foolish to pass on him. It is not like we have a lot of high quality receivers to work with.

The 2010 season is dead, now on to the real work of the 2011 season.