Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Farewell to Capricorn, hello Aquarius

Sidereal zodiac controversies not withstanding, 1/19 is the last day of Capricorn. 1/20 will be the first day of Aquarius. I am sad to see you go. However, Aquarius time should be interesting. The specific synastry engines say this is a good season for me. The generalists would say no.

One thing is for sure: It will be a season of change for me. The final word has come through from my health insurance. I am approved for Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery. My surgery date is 2/3. Tomorrow is my last day of eating normally... perhaps forever. There will be a new normal established within 12 months. That will not be like the old normal. Hopefully this will include 100+ pounds of weight loss.

I should go from the build of a short fat nose tackle to that of a short safety. The road is going to be very difficult and painful, I am sure, but the relief of osteo-arthritic pain alone should make the journey worthwhile.

I hope I will have sufficient energy in the weeks ahead to continue blogging at a regular rate. I don't know if this will be possible. I have been sternly warned to expect little or nothing during the first 10 days of my recovery. I have been told that you are extremely fatigued during this time.

It sounds bad folks. We are at risk for blood clots and pneumonia for 30 days after surgery. We must walk a mile per day, or perform an equivalent exercise, beginning immediately after the surgery. The day of the surgery, they are going to walk us around the hospital. Sounds stupid, but it is necessary because of gas bubble formation in the gut. Believe it or not, they are actually going to walk us to make us fart it out. I mean that literally.

If you can imagine the horror of 20 or 30 gastric bypass patients walking around a hospital floor farting after having their innards cut...

I am presuming that by Taurus time--the middle of spring--I aught to be well on my way. It will be 100+ days since my surgery. I should have lost some 60 to 70 pounds by then. The pain in my knees and ankle should subside quite a bit as the result of the lighter load.

In this past year, I have attempted to develop skill in cooking an assortment of casserole-style dishes. These are the preferred types of meals after recovery from surgery. The dishes are nutritionally complete, containing grains, vegetables, proteins, and water. Moisture, tenderness, and small particle sizes are all important. Casseroles fit the bill.

During the liquid diet before and after the surgery, I am going to become an expert in soups and smoothies. That's all I can do in the first 2 weeks and a full month after the surgery. Many have told me to expect 2 to 3 months of a liquid regime. It depends on how fast your guts heal.

One stupid question that worries my mind: Virgo is said to rule the intestines and digestive tract. If you cut the stomach and intestines of a Virgo, what is left of the man? This is one of the stupid questions that bother me late at night.