Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Another season without a BCS Champion 2010-2011

The Point

I’m going to keep this short and sweet and to the point. Auburn’s victory in last night’s BCS championship is a catastrophe for college football. We will now have another season, just like 2004, in which there will be no National Champion. As you know, USC was forced to vacate the 2004 title due to the Reggie Bush case.

The same damn thing is going to happen—in a few years—to Auburn. In a few months, when all the Television payout checks have cleared the banks, the NCAA infractions committee will certainly begin a real Cam Newton investigation in earnest. In two or three years, they will re-discover what the original fact-finding mission already published: Cam Newton’s dad made a point-blank demand for payola at Mississippi State. He didn’t get the payola, so Cam went to Auburn.

You know and I know what the rule says: Cam is now ineligible. This means an ineligible player quarterbacked Auburn t victory in the BCS championship game. You know what that means? Auburn must vacate the title. Therefore we will have another season (2010-2011) without a BCS Champion. They won’t go back and award it to Oregon or to TCU.

What a disaster.