Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Seahawks terminate the reign of the champion Saints

It is the best times. It is the worst of times. The Saints have lost their title defense, and in a most ignominious way. The Seahawks of the lowly NFC West, surely the worst team ever to make it into the playoffs, did the blade-job on them. They are calling it the biggest upset since the Patriots beat my Rams all those years ago.

It would appear that Virgo Pete Carroll out-coached Capricorn Sean Payton. Yeah, well let's just see him win the Super Bowl this year...

I can't tell you I'm not disappointed. I hoped that the Saints would repeat this year. Forget about it. There will be a new champion in 2011.

On the other hand, I am laughing at the experts. I heard a heck of a lot about how the NFC West was the worst division in any sport. I heard a heck of a lot of slams on my Rams, asking how we lost to a paltry pussy football team like the Seahawks. Each time they declared the Seahawks to be the worst team ever in the history of the playoffs, how do you think that made Ram-fans feel? In a certain perverse way, it is funny to watch the Seahawks suck it up and stick one right back in their faces. I do enjoy a certain degree of malicious glee over this victory.

However, I am mostly disappointed for the city of New Orleans and the Saints fan. The Falcons better be ready. They are getting closer and closer to being the flag-bearer for the NFC. We'll see if the Pack can stop them.