Thursday, December 1, 2011

RIP Chester McGlockton

I first heard the news about Chester McGlockton yesterday on Hacksaw Lee Hamilton's radio show during the noontime hour.  I should have blogged about it last night.

I remember the day McGlockton was drafted by the Raiders like it was yesterday.  He was drafted by the Raiders out of Clemson in 1992, the same year the Colts selected Steve Etman #1 out of Washington and the same year my Rams selected Sean Gilbert #2 out of Pitt.  Whilst Gilbert was a dominating performer for a few years with my Rams, I never got over the fact that the Raiders got a better man; and lower. I am certain the Colts never got over this fact either.

McGlocketon was one of a series of giant men who came off the Clemson defensive line.  That lineage included the famous Refrigerator Perry of the Chicago Bears.  He was elected to four Pro-Bowls and was All-Pro three times.  Later, he played for Kansas City, and eventually became a defensive coach at Stanford University during their recent run of success.

McGlockton was a September 16, 1969 Virgo baby, 3 years and two weeks younger than me.  Hard to believe he is dead already.  During much of his life, he weighed around 335 pounds.  I was around 330 at the top of my weight, but much shorter.  McGlockton was not as lucky as I.  McGlockton struggled with obesity-related diabetes through much of his adult life.

At some point, he had the LapBand procedure done to try to deal with his weight and diabetes.  He lost 60 pounds, but evidently, it was too little too late.  I was not regarded as pre-diabetic before having the Roux-en-Y procedure done, and now I never will be.

It is very unfortunate that Chester got some bad medical advise.  Whilst losing a bit of weight can help diabetes, it is not a kill-shot for the malady.  Roux-en-Y is considered the kill-shot for the malady.  I wish he had known.  He might still be alive today.  It has been reported that Chester died of diabetes related illnesses.

My buddy and immediate supervisor suffers from advancing diabetes.  Although he is a little guy, and far from overweight, his doctors have spoken to him about having Roux-en-Y.  Like all of us, he is terrified of the procedure.  It is not easy to lay down on the stretcher and allow them to anesthetize you for a gut-repiping job when you have no immediate threat of death.  Believe me, I know.  I had to do it.

I hope Kapil will have the procedure.