Saturday, December 10, 2011

2011 NFL Season, Week 14 Predictions

This is an easy week folks. That generally means boring football. There are a lot of mismatches on the board this week. There are only 3 genuinely interesting matches for us to examine.

The top match is Giants @ Cowboys. This the first in a two game series that will decide the Eastern Division of the NFC. How the East was won. This is tough match, but it boils down to one factor: November is over and December is hear. The Cowboys play like champs in November and then fold in December. The Giants are frequently the opposite. In any match of two nearly-even opponents, it usually comes down to the QB. I am going to take Eli over Tony.

The next interesting match is Colts @ Ravens... nah! Just pulling your leg.

Actually Falcons @ Panthers is a very interesting match-up. I think the Texans exposed the Falcons last week. As Marshall Faulk says, their should be wide-spread panic in Atlanta. They just lost to the Texans and their 3rd string QB. Now they have to face Super Cam. I'm going to bet on Super Cam again. At the rate he's producing , he's got to start winning some games.

The next interesting match is Raiders @ Packers... nah! Just pulling your leg. The Packers are going to take the Raiders down to the woodshed and sharpen the little shavers up with a leather strap.

Incidentally, if it seems that I have reversed myself on Cam Newton, I have to some extent. I never doubted the kids athletic ability. I doubted he would keep his nose clean and master the system. So far he has done very well on both points. If that's the way it's going to be, the kid's got a hell of bright future.

The last interesting match-up is the Texans @ Bengals. This is going to be an intriguing game. I am going to watch this one for sure. The Texans are down to their 3rd string QB and they are on the road. I am taking the Bengals based on QB and homefield advantage.