Saturday, December 10, 2011

Rihanna is taking over my car stereo

As you can see from the digital display on my car stereo, Rihanna is really taking over my play list in the car. What you can't see is that the stereo is currently playing We Found Love [in a hopeless place] for about the 10th time of the day. Five of the first six tracks are Rihanna.

Katy Perry then takes over the next two slots. Taylor Swift bats clean-up with the last four tracks on this home-brewed CD. Of course, Naked and Famous leads off with Young Blood.

This is my current Pop CD. I have entire 160GB iPod full of Heavy Metal in the elbow compartment. That doesn't even come close to covering my Metal collection either. The last time I checked, I had 202 GB of Metal in my music directory.

It is clear that females such as Rihanna (167), Pink (273), Katy Perry (88), Kelly Clarkson (367), Taylor Swift (165), Nelly Furtado (213) have taken me way out of my comfort zone. Am I just getting old? It may be the other way around. I happen to wield exceptionally high synastry versus nearly all of these girls. I think these girls are stimulating my hormones.

In particular, Kelly Clarkson, Pink, and Nelly Furtado score big points according to Sirus and Kepler. Kelly Clarkson just happens to have been born on my top Taurus date. I've liked her music pretty much since inception. The computer claims she scores 367 points. I recently read that she has never been in-love. It would be interesting to see if lightning struck...

Pink is a Virgo, and therefore should be a little lower on the scale. Not true according to the computer. I've enjoyed her stuff pretty much since her origin point as well. I've never felt particularly attracted to her, but I love her stuff.

Nelly Furtado (213) is a Sagittarius, and therefore should not score that well, but she does. I would tend to agree. She has to be the hottest Sagittarius chick of all time. I dispute the small score of 213. She's got to be in the 300 range.

But right now, as of this moment in time, the water women led by Rihanna (167) and Katy Perry (88) are dominating the scene. I dispute Katy Perry's score. She must have been born around noon-time; she must have a Pisces Ascendant. The House-Wise comparison system must be boosting her way up, because there ain't no way she scores only 88 points. I would say 450 is a more likely figure.

I sure seem to like those water-women. This is not surprising, tho. We earth boys are supposed to.

One of these days I am going to have to write a piece on the subject of synastry and the enjoyment of pop music.