Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Roe vs. Dave

Egad!  That is an absolutely horrid title for blog piece like this one. I should be shot.

I met a girl in my hometown this Christmas vacation.  Her name is Roe.  She works at George Brown's fitness center.  This is the premier gym facility in Fresno.  I was quite taken by her immediately.  There was a synastry reaction.  I felt it.  My dad, who got me in the gym, said she checked me out pretty closely before, during and after the workout.  Evidently, she did also.

My dad suspected Roe was a Leo.  Not so.  She's 180 degrees about.  Roe is a 1/26/1986 Aquarius girl born around 8:00am in Fresno, California.  How do I know?  I asked her.  She told me.  As Dr. Michio Kaku says, it's easy to mistake matter for antimatter.

I used Alabe to draw up an elementary natal report for her.  I gave that to her this morning. I promised her a more elaborate one based on Sirus and Janus.  She seemed very interested.

A few hours ago, I ran those programs.  I have been thinking about the results ever since.  Here are a few of the basics:

  1. Jan 26 1986 is not far from March 12, 1986.  If you read this blog, you know the significance of that date.  In terms of the cosmic scale of time, we are talking about a close bullet-burn.  I heard the sonic boom as it whizzed past my head.
  2. Five females born in close proximity to Roe have made it into my little black book of 498 names.  This is the black book of all media-based females I have found attractive in the past 2 years.  My favorite of those five was born on Jan 24, 1986.
  3. All of these females have Mars in Scorpio.  You know I have a fetish for that.
  4. Unfortunately, the local-max point there is 215 points on Feb 23,1986.  Roe is 3 days off that mark.
  5. Sirus scores Roe vs. Dave at just 127 points.  I would be lying to you if I said I wasn't disappointed by that number.
  6. As I mentioned several times before, Sirus scores without reference to the Housing system.  As I mentioned before, Janus doesn't give you any numeric scores at all.  Just text.  I dispute both methods.
  7. Roe was born at approximately 8:00am.  This gives her an ascendant of Aquarius... barely.  Most of her first house is contained by Pisces.  This means most of her 7th house is contained by Virgo.
  8. Her birth time puts a bunch of my power-planets in her 7th House.  I housed her royally.  I exert a massive gravitational pull on her marriage instincts.  No wonder she checked me out.  I mentioned all of this before in a past blog about girls with a Pisces Ascendant.  Most of that applies in this case.
Reading the textual report generated by Janus 4.3 reveals a mixed bag.  There are some very good House-points and aspects here.  There are also some pretty gnarly ones.  I think it is fair to say that this is not a balanced relationship.  I exert more pull on her than she on me.  That would be remarkable, if true, because she exerts a strong gravitational pull on me.  This asymmetry is supposed to become more pronounced as time goes by.

Looking at both reports, I find clear-cut points of comparison that have been overlooked and under-emphasized.  I regard several of these points important.  As I have said several times on this blog, I dispute several points about the way Sirus scores these things.  Ditto for Janus.

So now it is time to put up or shut-up.  It's time for Dave to push his chips to the center of the table, betting against Sirus, or fold his hand based on what Sirus says.  

I say I dispute several aspects of these methodologies.  I say I would score these two charts higher, objectively speaking.  I say MySynastryEngine will score these two charts higher.

If all this is true, I should be willing to take a shot at Roe.  So what am I going to do?